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What To Do If Your Refrigerator Is Too Cold

Posted by | 21-05-2020

Often time, we want to store our food products or sauces at a specific temperature but this might be tough to regulate with older refrigerators. If you wanted to place your food in such a cold storage, you would have put them in a freezer instead. Here are some ways in which you can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator if you find that it is too cold for your food to be stored in.

Air Inlet Damper (Baffle)

First, we have to understand that the component of your refrigerator that is tasked with balancing the air flow from the evaporator fan has a few different names. It is commonly known as a diffuser, and air inlet damper, or a baffle. For most models, it can be found where the chilled air enters the refrigerator. If you are still unsure what this part is, look for the part in your refrigerator that resembles louvered blinds. This part is unique because unlike the cold control, it cannot be turned off. If your refrigerator is working properly, you can open and close the baffle easily. However, if it has been damaged, it will channel too much cold air into the refrigerator.

Typically, the air inlet damper is lined with a Styrofoam-covered plastic. However, in some refrigerators, the air leakage is controlled with a foam seal. It is important that you do not break this seal to avoid making your fridge too cold. If you notice that there is an automatic temperature-sensitive bulb attached to it, you have to make sure that it is properly aligned so that the temperature can be regulated properly.


If you know that your refrigerator contains an electronic control board, chances are that the temperature is controlled with a thermistor. This part usually be found near the air inlet and looks like a plastic capsule. Once you find out the sensor’s resistance to temperature, you will know how to control the fans and compressor. As such, if your refrigerator is too cold for your liking, it could be due to a broken sensor. You can always check the user manual to decode the fault code, or learn the procedure for fixing problems in the thermistor.

Temperature Control

Needless to say, sometimes the problem could be due to the temperature control in your refrigerator. This is a switch that is sensitive to the changes in temperature in the fridge, and this signals how much electricity will be sent to the compressor and the fans. When the movement of the fans does not correspond with the actual temperature, it could be because the temperature has failed to pick up the real temperature within the refrigerator.

What you can do to fix is this is to unplug the refrigerator temporarily. Once you have found the temperature control, which is a knob that starts at “off” inside the refrigerator. Typically, the knob should be at midpoint when it is 38 degrees Farenheit. Be sure to check that the bulb and sensor wire are both in the right position and undamaged. After doing so, you should then check the wire terminals on the control and see if they are loose or damaged. Once you see that there is no problem turn the refrigerator back on and monitor the temperature for about one day before you decide to change any settings.

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