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What You Should Know About A Commercial Freezer

Posted by | 24-01-2020

Commercial freezer and refrigeration units are crucial to the food and beverage industry. Even mild temperature elevations can shorten the life of products or cause them to be immediately unusable. Not only will this be a problem with the health department, but your bottom line can suffer with even the smallest loss. Small losses, after all, add up to big ones eventually.

We are going to take a look at five factors that figure into successful utilization of commercial freezer and refrigeration units.

Hot Environment – Will Your Freezer Still Work?

Your freezer unit should perform properly no matter how hot the ambient temperature gets. That said, however, lower quality units may have to work harder in higher temperatures. They may not operate as efficiently, or even manage to work properly at all. Not all units are created equally. Go with quality. You may spend a little more in the beginning (unless you buy refurbished True refrigerator and freezer units from Ancaster Food Equipment), but you'll save money in the long run.

The Consumption of Energy

There are tremendous energy cost savings to be realized with today's higher efficiency freezer and refrigerator units. In this new and greener era, you can reduce greenhouse gas emitting refrigerants and help lessen energy consumption by some 50% by getting rid of your old outdated units and installing either new or refurbished equipment.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

It is not only costly but time-consuming to defrost multiple refrigeration/freezer units. To avoid additional labor costs and lengthy downtimes, seek out units with auto defrost functionality. Additionally, try to choose units with condensers classified as “low maintenance”, as they should need less regular cleaning. They'll help lower costs by saving labor and time. To make sure they are clear of any dust or dirt, they require merely annual visual inspections.

How Safe Is Your Food?

Here's a staggering statistic: of all food that is produced, an estimated 40% is thrown out! That's no way to improve your bottom line. The digital thermostats in today's high-quality refrigerators and freezers are a smart investment. These top-of-the-line units can help prevent reputational damage, excessive downtime, labor, repairs, and help prevent lost sales due to malfunctioning equipment.

Once again – spend a little more now but save a lot more later.

How Stable Is the Temperature?

This ties in with the previously mentioned section about digital thermostats and high-quality equipment preventing wastage and more. The integrity of your products will be maintained at a more stable temperature if icy crystals are not allowed to form. To discourage ice crystals, an even, constant temperature must exist. Old refrigerator and freezer units simply don't have the forced air, or circulated air, with which to assure an even temperature for every product inside.

Commercial Freezers from Ancaster Food Equipment

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we provide affordable refurbished freezers for the food and beverage industry. We have numerous options for the frugal minded business owner:

Refurbished True Commercial Glass Door Freezers – We have three, two, and one-door display freezers that look and operate as if they are fresh off the showroom floor. These True refurbished freezers, as with all of our equipment, carry the Ancaster Food Equipment guarantee.

Novelty Freezers – We offer one and two sliding door refurbished True freezer units. Whether you need a large capacity freezer (360 L) or something smaller (160 L), our novelty freezers can keep what's inside at 18°C or less. Slash your energy bills while enjoying absolute convenience with one of our refurbished True top-loading freezers.

If you would like more information about the freezers we carry, contact one of our representatives today.

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