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Why You Need A Portable Sink for Your Event

Posted by | 23-01-2020

Portable toilets at outdoor events can be unpleasant to use. There is almost always a long queue for them and standing in line waiting for the restroom is a waste of time that could otherwise be spent enjoying the event. With portable restrooms, event organizers may also find it hard to maintain proper hygiene standards. Fortunately, these issues can be resolves simply by having a portable sink for your event.

The most important thing about planning an outdoor event is to keep your guests happy and satisfied. You may find it hard to believe it but portable sinks can be a big help in this aspect. 

Let us look at some of the advantages of using portable sinks for outdoor events!

Shorter Queues

Portable sinks can be a great way to reduce long lines at the restrooms. Other than relieving themselves, many people use the restroom just to wash their hands, check their appearance or apply make-up in the mirror. By having a separate portable sink, people who do not need to use the toilet can accomplish these other tasks outside of the restroom. This can significantly reduce the time each person takes in the restroom, shortening the queue.

Happier Customers

Most people prefer to have the option of washing their hands after using the restroom instead of just making do with sanitizing gel dispensers.  Not all portable restroom units come equipped with hand washing stations. That’s why it is important to provide a separate portable sink for your customers to use.

Extra Facilities

Since portable sinks are separate units from the portable restrooms, there is more space for the installation of extra facilities. With portable sinks, your customers can get to enjoy facilities like paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, hand dryers, larger mirrors and trash bins.


Portable hand washing units are extremely helpful towards the maintenance of good hygiene at your outdoor event. Since they are separate units from the restrooms, your guests can take as much time as they want to wash and dry their hands without stressing about the long queue outside the restrooms. With separate portable sinks, you will also be able to provide paper towel dispensers, a hand dryer and larger soap dispensers for your guests. All these will contribute to the practice of good hygiene.

Variety of Options

Portable sinks come in all kinds of compact designs. You will definitely be able to find one that is suitable or your outdoor event. Due to their portable feature, you can easily move them around to get the exact arrangement you want for your event set-up.

Ease of Maintenance

Portable hand washing stations have a long service lifespan. They can provide up to 600 washes before needing to be re-serviced, making them super low maintenance. You need not worry about them breaking down during your event.

Stand-alone portable sinks are also larger than those installed within portable restrooms, meaning that it is easier and faster to change and restock them.

If you’re looking for separate washing stations to accompany your portable restrooms get in touch with your supplier first as they may not always be available.

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