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Why You Should Utilize A Portable Sink

Posted by | 19-03-2020

While everyone is having fun at events, various viruses, bacteria and germs are always transmitting around. During such festivals, thousands of people gather in one place which makes the spreading of germs much easier and faster. Tourists around the world would enter the host country during such events and bring infectious diseases as well. Poor sanitation is common during such mass gathering which also contributes to the spreading of bacteria quickly.

Keeping clean is one way to prevent the mass spread and one of the most effective way would be proper hand washing. Eliminate the risks of germs spreading by installing portable sinks to allow the public to stay clean always.

Read on to find out how to utilize a portable sink for an event.

How to use a portable sink?

A portable sink that is equipped with a hand washing station is usually installed with a foot-operated pump, making it a hands-free washing process. A pump of the foot and you will have water coming out from the tap. Ensure a soap dispenser is always by the station to get rid of any excess germs and bacteria on your hands. Lastly, a disposable towel to ensure dry clean hands after a thorough wash.

Maintaining a portable sink

Portable sinks have large reservoirs that can be filled with clean water and gray water that is needed to be drained regularly. The larger the portable sink, the bigger the capacity of clean water it can store.  Small containers that are installed in soap dispensers can be easily refilled by snapping them in place.

Ensure that a portable sink is located near a drain and attach a garden hose to it to keep it running smoothly. With proper care and maintenance, it can be used over a hundred times before re-servicing.

Is a portable sink suitable for your event?

A portable sink is relatively light and easy to move around. It weighs less than half of what an actual sink weigh. Due to its light weight, it can be installed anywhere immediately and moving it would be a simple task if you find that the sink is impeding traffic flow. All portable sinks are design for easy loading and unloading at any kind of event. Transportation to and from the site would also be an easy task for the people lifting and moving it.

If you have been reading the news lately, mass gathering poses a threat to the spread of infectious diseases and germs. Close contact with those who are not in good health contributes to the spread of bacteria and new viruses. If you have been thinking of how to take proper measures, now is the time to utilize a portable sink to ensure proper hygiene and clean health for all your guests during an event.

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