Glass Door Display Freezers

Upright glass door display freezers are some of the most popular products when it comes to our lineup of commercial freezers. Ideal for grocery stores, pet stores, convenience stores, ice cream shops and so much more – these commercial freezers brilliantly and dependably display your products to increase impulse purchases. Ancaster offers a wide variety of merchandising freezers including our flagship refurbished True options plus many brand new options to meet any customers needs.

Solid Door Restaurant Freezers

Stainless steel door commercial freezers are a great choice for businesses that need to store goods out of customers’ view or for storage in back of house applications. These commercial restaurant freezers are commonly used in kitchens and retail storage locations. Ancaster offers refurbished True solid door options as well as many brand new models – many of which are in stock for quick delivery!

Glass Top Chest Freezers

With clear glass top displays and convenient sliding doors for easy access, our novelty freezers are the perfect addition to any grocery store, gas station, or convenience store. Designed for ice creams, popsicles, and other quick grab and go items, these glass top chest freezers are a smart choice for impulse buys and frozen snack food.

Ice Cream Dipping Freezers

These ice cream freezers are designed to hold tubs of ice cream for serving at ice cream shops. Depending on the model, some ice cream dipping freezers come with space to store additional tubs. Dipping freezers are complemented nicely by our glass door merchandisers and chest freezers to sell your pre-packaged ice cream products as well!

Countertop Freezers

Commercial countertop freezers are designed to maximize impulse purchases at checkout. These small but durable commercial freezers range from 4 to 6 cubic feet capacity and have a small footprint ideal for any space. These commercial countertop freezers are perfect for your restaurant, ice cream shop, convenience store and so much more!

Undercounter Freezers

Commercial undercounter freezers come in many different options such as glass or stainless steel doors and various sizes depending on your space. This segment of commercial freezers is ideal for restaurant kitchens or other tight spaces as they conveniently fit underneath a standard counter.



At Ancaster Food Equipment, we have lots of different accessories to choose from for your commercial refrigerators and freezers. We offer a variety of temperature loggers & alarms, heavy duty casters and custom acrylic signage. With lots of options, we are confident that you can find an accessory that best fits your commercial fridge or freezer needs.


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Ancaster Food Equipment has spent the last three decades mastering the art of refurbishing commercial freezers, display freezers and restaurant freezers. We understand the importance of reliable and affordable commercial fridge and freezer solutions to meet our customers’ needs – that’s why we offer a wide variety of brand new and refurbished commercial freezers.

Our brand new commercial freezer offerings include glass door display freezers, solid door commercial freezers and chest freezers from some of the biggest brands around. We strive to find the perfect commercial freezer for each of our customers’ specific needs.


Let our team of experts help you choose the best commercial freezer to meet your business’ requirements. Whether you’re in need of a glass door display freezer, a stainless steel door restaurant freezer or a countertop display freezer, we have a solution for you! We also carry undercounter freezer options to fit any space and budget.

In addition to our lineup of refurbished True® freezers and coolers, we also carry numerous models of brand-new commercial freezers – many of which are in stock for fast shipping!


Depending on your business model, the commercial freezer you choose may vary. For example, a restaurant owner may look for a back-of-house TRUE® commercial freezer with a stainless steel door and a large interior for optimal storage access. At the same time, a supermarket may purchase commercial glass door freezers for greater consumer marketing capability. Some of the features to customize in your commercial freezer include:

  • Size – Size is a big deciding factor. For small businesses, a one or two-door model may do the trick, while large businesses may opt for three door TRUE® commercial freezers. Size should be determined by the amount of food you intend to store and the amount of food you predict selling each day.
  • Door Style – Door style again depends on the business model. Ask yourself questions such as, “who will be opening this reach in display freezer? Staff or customers?” and “Would a sliding or swinging door work best for the size of my space?”
  • Exterior – Commercial upright freezers come in a variety of exterior coatings, including stainless steel, or the case of TRUE® commercial freezers, a powder black non-crack, non-peel finish. These aesthetic features mainly matter if you intend customers to see the stand up freezers or store them in the back of house.


If your business is interested in buying commercial display freezers, we at Ancaster Food Equipment recommend the customizable assortment of TRUE® commercial freezers. Learn more about these durable and energy-efficient stand up freezer options by calling us at 1-855-549-1204 or visiting our contact page online.

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