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Welcome to Ancaster Food Equipment in British Columbia

Look no further than Ancaster Food Equipment for your fridge, cooler, freezer and portable sink needs in British Columbia, Canada.

We have the biggest catalogue of refurbished True® equipment that works like new at a fraction of retail prices. We have more than 30 years of refurbishing experience to ensure that your refurbished equipment looks like new and works like new too.

Refurbished True® Equipment In British Columbia

Refurbished True® Commercial Refrigerators & Coolers in British Columbia

Ancaster Food Equipment offers you refurbished True® commercial refrigerators and coolers that have gone through a complete makeover, both with their interior and exterior.

Visual dents have been filled and sanded before being repainted and
re-vinyled for an everlasting cosmetic retouch. Their interior has been pressure washed, disinfected and finally sterilized to ensure complete hygiene before arriving at your doorstep.

Refurbished True® Equipment In British Columbia

Refurbished True® Commercial Glass Door Freezers in British Columbia

Ancaster Food Equipment only carries high quality refurbished True® commercial glass door freezers which have been fully equipped with new electrical components that meet industry standards.

Our freezer range comes with a self-contained capillary tube system and an illuminated exterior to encourage impulse consumer buys, hence boosting your daily business. Get our refurbished freezers at just 50% of retail costs that have gone through 100% of thorough checks by certified technicians.

Refurbished True® Equipment In British Columbia

Novelty Freezers in British Columbia

What is the charm that novelty freezers exude? The style of product display that novelty freezers allow actually encourages quick impulse purchases by your customers. This type product display allows a quick glance inside which then motivates them to quickly grab a product or more. You can select from Ancaster Food Equipment range of novelty freezers that come in 2 sizes with one-year manufacturer warranty.

Portable Sinks in British Columbia

Ancaster Food Equipment has just the right models of portable sinks that your business needs. All models are fully certified to NSF, CSA and UL standards and can run both hot and cold water smoothly. The sinks have an additional component of a hand soap dispenser and a paper roll holder to ensure your patrons are kept clean and dry at the end of the day. Our fully stainless-steel models are aesthetically suitable for commercial needs.

Buy from Ancaster Food Equipment Today!

Come forward and submit your enquiries with the friendly staff at Ancaster Food Equipment today. We are at your service to provide all of your business food equipment needs at a fraction of retail prices without ever sacrificing on quality or performance. We ensure to charge just 50% after having our refurbished equipment go through 100% thorough checks by certified technicians.

Do not wait any longer to cut down on your business expenditure without having to cut down on quality to ensure freshness of your merchandise. Our combined workforce experience of over 100 years in the business will guarantee our refurbished food equipment meet industry standards that
perform like new.

If you are looking to buy refurbished True refrigerators, freezers, and coolers in British Columbia today, simply get an instant quote by calling (855)888-9644 or ask for more relevant information by filling up our Contact Form.

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Retrofitted LED lights

New compressor

Set of casters

Extended warranty

New controller

New defrost heaters

New solenoid valve & drier filter

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