Commercial Coolers and Freezers in Laval

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we have spent three decades refurbishing commercial refrigeration. It is our mission to provide our customers with high quality, and affordable refrigeration. We have proudly served businesses in Laval and surrounding areas.

Refurbished Coolers and Freezers

We stand behind the quality, and durability of True® refrigeration units, which is why True® is the only brand that we refurbish. True® commercial coolers and freezers are made from high quality materials that are built to withstand commercial settings. While we primarily carry True® ‘s GDM (Glass Door Merchandiser) series, we also refurbish stainless steel freezers.

When we begin the refurbishing process, we remove all of the existing parts, even if they are in good working condition. Our team of True® certified technicians then installs brand new OEM parts. Once the brand new parts are installed, the coolers and freezers go through a testing period, to ensure the proper temperatures are being held. No cooler, or freezer leaves our warehouse if it does not pass the testing period.

Once the commercial coolers and freezers have passed testing, they then get a full aesthetic upgrade. Our warehouse team repaints the units, and applies new vinyl. The unit is then fitted with brand new LED lighting.

By the time our refurbished units leave our Brantford warehouse, they look and function like a brand new True® unit.

We know that our units are not only affordable, but they are reliable, which is why we offer a full coverage warranty on our refurbished line. Our customers get a two (2) year parts and service warranty, and an additional five (5) years on the compressor.

Choosing the Right Commercial Cooler or Freezer

There are so many options when it comes to commercial refrigeration; finishes, sizes, makes and models. It can be difficult to narrow down the right choice for your specific needs. Some questions to ask yourself are:

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we pride ourselves in unbeatable customer service. Our team of sales representatives guarantees prompt response times, and are able to provide you with extensive product knowledge on all of the equipment that we carry. We have worked with customers for over thirty years, bringing them reliable and affordable refrigeration. Our sales team knows all the right questions to ask, ensuring you get the best option suitable for your specific needs.

Portable Sinks

We assemble or portable sinks at our warehouse in Brantford, Ontario. The portable sinks come in three options – single, double, and triple basin. The units are made from high quality stainless steel. They are durable, and easy to keep clean. Since the portable sinks come on preinstalled casters, they are easy to move from location to location. These are a great addition to any type of pop up restaurant, outdoor wedding, or spa.

We offer optional add-ons for our portable sinks that improve the functionality of the units. For more information on the optional add ons, click here

Each of our portable sinks come standard with a one year parts warranty.

To see how the sinks work, take a look at our Instructional Videos.


Unfortunately, we are not able to remove old units for our Laval customers. Since we ship our commercial coolers and freezers with a third party freight company, we are not able to offer this service.

We do! We have a few different options when it comes to financing, long term leasing and rentals!

  1. 0% Financing – this program is available to our Canadian customers only. We offer 0% financing for 6 months on our refurbished coolers and freezers, and for 3 months on all brand new equipment. This program has no administration fees, or interest.
  2. Long Term Leasing – is available in 12, 24, and 36 month terms. Please note that this program is not at 0%.
  3. Rent, Try, Buy – Customers apply for a 52 week rental program. Once the term has ended, customers can choose to buy the cooler/freezer out right, which is the most affordable option. The other options are to continue to rent for an additional two or three years, or return the equipment at the end of the term.

For more information on our leasing and financing programs, contact us today!

Ancaster Food Equipment makes it easy to make a warranty claim. We have access to True® certified technicians across Canada, and in Laval. Should you require service, the first step is a phone call to Ancaster Food Equipment. From there, we will open a service ticket, and either have a technician get in touch with you by phone, or come directly to your location. The technician/service company will then bill us directly, so that our customers never have to front the bill.


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"I had the pleasure of working with Tasha Blackett (Sales at Ancaster Equipment) when I was looking for a freezer. She was respectful, kind and professional. She understood my needs and delivered on her promise. Even after telling her that I was going to cancel the order she still had an optimistic tone in her voice as if she knew I would eventually come back to purchase, which I did, the next day.

All this to say, Tasha is a true sales professional! Ancaster Equipment is lucky to have her on their team.

If I am looking for another freezer I know who will be my 1st call.... "

The Donald

"We just received our freezer last week. Our customers have all commented on how " huge & beautiful " it is. The delivery guys very helpful in removing our old unit and taking it away , they were great and funny too !!!!


We will be buying another 2 freezers from you guys again very soon"

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