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Welcome to Ancaster Food Equipment in Quebec, Canada

Ancaster Food Equipment is the place to go and the retailer to trust if you are currently looking for affordable refrigeration solutions. We provide refurbished refrigerators, coolers, and freezers for different purposes as well as to cater to various budgets. Our inventory is the largest in the country so you are free to select whichever exact model that suits your unique business or personal needs.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Quebec

Refurbished True® Commercial Refrigerators & Coolers in Quebec, Canada

If you are looking for commercial refrigerators and coolers, our refurbished True® range comes with its high quality without its expensive pricing. We can assure you that you are getting your money’s worth for a high performing machine that is so affordable with nearly 50% off of manufacturer’s price tag. Select from the 1 door, 2 door, 3 door, or countertop cooler options.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Quebec

Refurbished True® Commercial Glass Door Freezers in Quebec, Canada

We also offer in our catalogue various options of refurbished commercial glass door freezers in 1 door, 2 door, and 3 door options. They also perform nothing lesser than True’s brand quality that comes without its hefty price tag. Our certified technicians have given their best during intensive examinations of each and every single unit to ensure that every unit works just like new as if they have came out from a manufacturer’s production line.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Quebec

Novelty Freezers in Quebec, Canada

Novelty freezers are often overlooked and not utilized as often as a glass door freezer would. This could be due to their lack of space or their expensive prices for a brand-new set. Why not seize the opportunity and try placing a novelty freezer in your store premises to see how positively your business would be affected when they are placed near the cashier counter for last-minute impulse purchases?

Portable Sinks in Quebec, Canada

If you think you are not going to be needing a portable sink at all, that’s when you may be wrong. Regardless of whether or not your business operates outdoors, a portable sink serves many other purposes than just that. Should your built-in sink in your kitchen or bathroom break today, it would be too time-consuming to hire a plumber to get it resolved immediately without disrupting your business operations. This is when a portable sink would come in handy for an immediate solution. Every unit is CSA, UL and NSF-certified so there is nothing to worry about.

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Our main objective is pretty simple which is our mission to help businesses out in terms of getting you the tools and equipment you require at a fraction off manufacturer’s prices. Whether it is a fridge or a freezer and a portable sink that you have been looking for, Ancaster Food Equipment’s large inventory of refurbished products would be sufficient to round up your search without worrying about performance and long-term durability.

If you are looking to buy refurbished True refrigerators, freezers, and coolers in Quebec, Canada today, simply get an instant quote by calling (855)888-9644 or ask for more relevant information by filling up our Contact Form.

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