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Refurbished True® Equipment In Hamilton
Hamilton is affectionately known as ‘The Hammer’ for its strong ties to the steel industry; 60% of Canada’s steel is actually produced here. The city’s economy is heavily based on manufacturing, and it is considered the country’s most industrialized region. Despite the many factories and plants that dot Hamilton’s skyline, the area has been undergoing a gentrification of sorts. Hamilton has seen a surge in art galleries, boutique shops and trendy restaurants in its once-gritty downtown core. Over the past 10 years, young families and working professionals have been increasingly attracted to Canada’s third largest city. Advantages of living in Hamilton include lower housing prices and its close proximity to Toronto. Some of Hamilton’s largest employers include Stelco, Dofasco and Hamilton Health Sciences.

Why Choose Ancaster Food Equipment?

Ancaster is the #1 choice for refrigeration solutions among Hamilton business owners. The biggest advantage of buying a remanufactured commercial freezer or coolers is the cost savings. With Ancaster’s competitive pricing model, you’ll save up to 50% off the cost of buying new. When you purchase a remanufactured model through Ancaster, here are the service features you can count on:
  • Exterior is sanded and repainted to look brand new
  • Internal parts including compressor, motor and temperature controls are replaced if they do not meet our standards
  • We back our workmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive warranties on all parts and labour
It’s a common assumption that remanufactured products come as is, but Ancaster is proud to provide upgrades through our Elite Package. If you’d like additional upgrades to your True® freezer or cooler, we make that possible by offering the following:
  • New compressor - Compressors are the workhorse of any refrigeration unit; this component is replaced with a new one, regardless of what condition it’s in
  • Retrofitted LED lights - Enhance your unit with LED lights that provide brighter illumination of your products and lower energy consumption
  • Set of casters - Old wheels are replaced with new ones, allowing the unit to be moved around easily for smooth setup and configuration
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