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Refurbished True® Equipment In Regina

With over thirty years in the industry, Ancaster Food Equipment has become a Canadian industry leader in refurbished commercial refrigeration. From a garage, to a 40,000 square foot warehouse, we have seen exponential growth and hope to be doing this for the next 30 years. While our primary focus is our refurbished True® coolers and freezers, we carry a wide variety of equipment. We work with brands from across the world to bring our customers more options. Ancaster Food Equipment is based out of Brantford, Ontario – but we ship across Canada and the United States. From Regina to St. John’s, Ancaster Food Equipment is the best choice when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

Refurbished True® Coolers and Freezers

Finishes and Door Options:

Our refurbished line heavily focuses on the True® GDM series. The glass door merchandisers are available as beverage coolers, floral coolers, and freezers. These commercial units come in single, double and triple door options. Since solid door freezers are a largely requested item, we carry a three door storage freezer, the T-72F. Be sure to discuss your desired cooler or freezer option with your sales representative and they will do their best to accommodate your request!

The Process

We purchase our equipment from businesses that have gone out of business, or upgraded their equipment. Once we receive the commercial coolers and freezers, they go through an extensive refurbishing process. Our team of True® certified technicians removes all of the existing interior mechanisms. From there all brand new OEM parts are installed. Our team installs a new compressor, condenser, valves, solenoids, gaskets, ect. Once all of the new parts have been installed, the cooler/freezer goes through an extensive testing period, to ensure all food safe temperatures are being met and held.

After the cooler/freezer has passed the testing period, the units then receive a full aesthetic upgrade. Each unit is sanded down, to remove any imperfections. The Ancaster warehouse team then paints the unit and shelves, and installs a new layer of vinyl. Lastly, brand new LED lighting is installed on the interior of the cabinet.

The Warranty

We stand behind the quality, and durability of our refurbished coolers and freezers. This is why we are able to offer a full coverage warranty. Ancaster customers get a full seven (7) year warranty on the compressor, and two (2) years on the compressor. For our customers based in Regina, we offer service through one of our many technicians located across Canada. To make a warranty claim, call our office toll free, and speak with our service team. From there, we will set up a service call for you. The technicians bill Ancaster Food Equipment directly.

Portable Sinks in Regina

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our portable sinks have been one of our best selling items. The sinks are made of durable, and easy to clean 304 gauge stainless steel and come with a one (1) year parts warranty. Each sink is available in single, double and triple basin options.To use these sinks, all that is required is a standard 110v plug. To get the most out of your brand new portable sink, take a look at the additional add-ons.

The portable sinks are a great addition to any office space, venue, or day care. We have found a way to make hand washing more accessible and affordable in any space. Each sink facilitates up to 120 hand washes. For more information on our Keep Safe portable sinks, take a look at our instructional videos.

Why Choose Ancaster Food Equipment?

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we value customer satisfaction. For thirty years, we have cultivated long lasting client relationships. Our sales team works diligently to provide the best in customer service. We ensure prompt response times, and well throughout responses, making sure to answer any and all questions. We ask the right questions, and the questions first time buyers would not think to ask. Our team explains each step of the buying, and warranty process in depth, giving our customers confidence moving forward in the purchase of brand new, or refurbished equipment. From portable sinks, to storage freezers, the Ancaster Team will find the best products suited for your specific needs.


Yes! We offer a 52 week rental agreement. This program gives our customers the chance to try out the equipment for one year. At the end of the term customers can buy the unit(s) outright, they can continue to rent for another two or three years, or simply return the equipment if it is no longer needed.

Once your order has been placed, we require a 50% deposit to begin the production of your unit. After the order has gone through the full refurbishing process, we will call you to collect the remaining balance of your invoice. From there, we will ship to your location in Regina, and send you tracking information, so that you can track your cooler or freezer on its way to you!

Please note: when purchasing brand new equipment, we require the balance of the invoice be paid in full. This allows us to get the unit(s) out in a timely manner.

Since our third party carriers do not offer inside delivery on a standard delivery, we recommend having staff members, or friends to help bring the equipment inside. If this is not a possibility, hiring a moving company is a great alternative.

If you will need units brought into your location from a third party service, please let us know ahead of times.The cost to do this is significantly higher than standard shipping. Should you need this service it is fully covered by the customer.


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