Commercial Coolers, Fridges & Freezers In Toronto

From humble beginnings, Ancaster Food Equipment started out in a garage – we now operate out of a 40,000 square foot warehouse located in Brantford, about an hour outside of the home of the Maple Leafs. Over the last thirty years, Ancaster Food Equipment has become an industry leader in Refurbishing commercial refrigeration.

New and Refurbished Commercial Coolers and Freezer

We are known for our completely Refurbished True® commercial refrigeration and freezer units, and portable sinks that have the largest tanks on the market. We carry a variety of commercial equipment and work tirelessly to ensure our customers get their desired products.

At Ancaster Food Equipment we carry a variety of single, double and triple door commercial coolers and freezers. The commercial refrigeration equipment is available in stainless steel door, glass door, and a mixture of both options.

When choosing a Refurbished True® commercial cooler, or freezer, customers can expect to save 50% of the cost of a brand new True® unit. This allows customers to choose the best quality unit, for an affordable price.

We specialize in Refurbishing the True® brand, but we also carry a wide variety of brand new commercial coolers and freezers. We work with brands from all over the world, making sure our customers have options to choose from when purchasing from Ancaster Food Equipment.

Ancaster Food Equipment offers an unbeatable warranty on our Refurbished True® coolers and freezers. Local customers from Toronto to Sarnia have their units serviced by our in-house True® certified technician team. If any issues were to arise, customers simply contact our office and we have a technician out as soon as possible.

Portable Sinks

Our portable sinks come second to none. We have the largest fresh, and waste water tanks on the market! The units are made from high quality, and durable stainless steel, and have a sleek and modern look. The portable sinks are easy to clean, and come with casters pre installed, making them easy to move from point A to B. Our sinks have been sold across North America to The Red Cross, both the Canadian, and US military, and to a variety of Toronto based restaurants. The sinks have a 1 year parts warranty to ensure that users are covered through the first year of purchase.

We carry add-ons for our portable sinks, allowing user to get the most out of their purchase:

  1. Foot Pedal
    • This add on allows for a touchless wash. With the world we live in, cleanliness is in the forefront of our minds. We are constantly thinking about cross contamination. Having the foot pedal means taking additional steps to implement cleanliness measures.
  2. Waste Water Pump
    • The waste water pump allows for users to fully drain the waste water tank. If users have to drain against gravity, the pump flushes all stagnant water out of the tank, eliminating possible order or left over gray water.
  3. Cold Storage Kit
    • Increase the lifespan of the portable sink by storing the unit correctly. The cold storage kit will remove any remaining water from the lines. Leaving water in the lines over the winter can result in damage to the portable sink, which will void the warranty.

Why Choose Ancaster Food Equipment?

Our units are backed by a warranty you will not see anywhere else. When choosing commercial equipment, warranty is a must. This is why we have the 7 year compressor warranty, and two year parts and service warranty on all of our Refurbished True® coolers and freezers.

We offer unbeatable customer service, and prompt response time. We value our customers time, and their specific needs. Our team works hard to cultivate long lasting relationships, and ensure you the best service around.

While we specialize in commercial refrigeration, we offer all kinds of restaurant, and commercial equipment. We make sure that our customers get exactly what they need. Our portable sinks have become a top selling item amidst the pandemic, when sanitation and hand washing has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Our portable sinks are a great addition to any outdoor event, spa, or office building.

We offer a Rent, Try, Buy program to our Canadian customers. This allows buyers to test out the equipment for a year before committing to the purchase. At the end of the term, you can choose to buy the equipment outright, continue to rent for 2 or 3 years, or simply return it if it no longer suits your needs.


In short, yes. We offer a 52 week rental program through our partners at SilverChef. Our Rent, Try, Buy program is a great option when opening a new business or when planning to sell your business. Renting commercial refrigeration equipment is 100% tax deductible and gives applicants more freedom when it comes to choosing equipment. The 52 week term allows you to test out the equipment before committing to a purchase. Once the term has ended, renters can choose to buy out the equipment outright, continue to rent for an additional 2, or 3 years, or simply return the equipment if it no longer suits your needs.

Absolutely! Our sales team is available by phone, or through email. Local customers from Toronto, and the GTA have the option of coming to our warehouse to see the Refurbishing process in action. If you prefer to communicate with your sales rep over the phone, they will be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Our sales representatives have extensive product knowledge and will be there to help each step of the way.

Ancaster Food Equipment offers a removal service of existing units for customers in our delivery range (150 km of our warehouse in Brantford, Ontario). When removing an existing unit(s) we require the cooler, or freezer be empty and ready for disposal. If a removal is needed, please let your sales representative know and they will make the proper arrangements, and adjustments. Ensure that proper measurements are taken prior to delivery/removal. Our drivers will not take on additional work such as removing objects obstructing removal/delivery.


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"Friendship House of Brant Inc is very pleased with our large cooler. At the time of purchase, everything ran smoothly and in a timely manner! The cooler is invaluable to our ministry!!"


"I have 4 Pet Valu stores in the GTA and was recommended to Eugene by another Franchisee. We have since purchased 6 units from Ancaster Food Equipment and have been extremely happy with all of our purchases. I too would strongly recommend Ancaster Food Equipment to any other Pet Valu owner in Canada. GREAT GREAT PRICING !!!!!!! Just as good as new."

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