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Commercial Coolers, Fridges & Freezers in Winnipeg

Refurbished True® Equipment In Winnipeg
Located just north of the Canada-U.S. border, Winnipeg is known as the ‘Gateway to the West.’ The city is one of the country’s major railway and transportation hubs, featuring a very diversified economy. A huge chunk of Winnipeg’s labour force works in healthcare, as well as the trade and manufacturing sectors. In 2010, Winnipeg was named the ‘Cultural Capital of Canada’ by Canadian Heritage. It has lived up to its reputation with a number of popular festivals that attract Canadians are across the country. Winnipeg is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and safe neighbourhoods. With its relatively low housing prices and a strong economy, that encourages its service sector to grow rapidly, commercial fridges Winnipeg are the most demanding for its need. Winnipeg has become one of the country’s top places to live and work.

Why Choose Ancaster Food Equipment?

Ancaster Food Equipment has been providing used commercial freezers and coolers to Winnipeg for more than 30 years. During our refurbishment process, all products are thoroughly inspected by our team of certified technicians. We always replace any internal components that are not working including the compressor, motor and temperature controls. All exteriors are sanded and repainted to remove chips, scratches and other aesthetic blemishes. The end result is a high-quality Commercial fridges Winnipeg True® system that operates as if it just rolled off the assembly line. The best part is, there’s no need to call in a refrigeration specialist; just plug in your system and start selling. It’s that simple! Here are some other advantages of purchasing through Ancaster:
  • Canada-wide shipping from our Ontario-based facility to your business in Winnipeg
  • No need to worry about liability claims; Ancaster is licensed, bonded and insured
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A warranty that covers unexpected deficiencies down the line
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Retrofitted LED lights

New compressor

Set of casters

Extended warranty

New controller

New defrost heaters

New solenoid valve & drier filter

North America wide Shipping

50% Less When Compared To New