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If you currently own or are considering the creation of a food and beverage venue, at one point or another, you’re going to be in the market for freezer/refrigeration equipment. Whether starting fresh or renovating, saving money where you can is not only advisable, but preferred. At Ancaster Food Equipment, our goal is to provide money-saving opportunities for those in the food and beverage industry with our like-new, refurbished True® cooling, freezing, and refrigerating equipment. What’s so special about the units we sell? Compared to what you’d usually spend on a new True® piece of equipment, our units are affordably priced.

How affordable? You may be able to save as much as 50% on each piece of equipment! Now you can furnish your establishment with high-quality, dependable True® refrigeration and freezer units, but save money at the same time, courtesy of Ancaster Food Equipment.

Refurbished True® Commercial Refrigerators & Coolers in Yukon, Canada

Known for their use of natural refrigerant, technologically advanced fan motors, and dependable stability, True® freezer and refrigeration equipment is the envy of one and all! It’s why we chose their equipment over all other cooling and freezing units.

Everything we sell looks and operates as if it just came off the showroom floor, be it a three, two, or one-door refrigeration unit.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Yukon

Refurbished True® Commercial Glass Door Freezers in Yukon, Canada

Our True® freezer units also come in three, two, and one door models, just like our refrigeration units. Once again, they look and operate like new. To ensure that every piece of equipment operates as it did when it was fresh off the assembly line, every aspect has been examined, parts have been replaced when needed, and the work done by highly skilled technicians.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Yukon

Novelty Freezers in Yukon, Canada

As tempting as our three, two, and one-door stand up refrigerators and freezers are, they may not be a perfect fit for your business. Perhaps you’re looking for something more appropriate like a lower, smaller piece of equipment. We’ve got the perfect answer – a two or one sliding door novelty freezer.

Whether you’re looking for something on the smaller side at 160 L, or if you require a larger capacity freezer such as our 360 L model, everything inside will be kept at 18°C or lower. Enjoy complete convenience while slashing your energy bills with one of our top loading novelty freezers.

Portable Sinks in Yukon, Canada

You may be saying, “But I’m not looking for refrigeration or freezing unit. I operate out of doors most of the time. I need a sink!” Once again, Ancaster Food Equipment comes to the rescue. This time, with our, self-contained stainless steel portable sinks. They offer employees and patrons convenience while still being affordable. Each and every sink comes on wheels and is complete with the option of hot and cold water, is made with stainless steel, and equipped with soap dispensers, paper roll holders, freshwater tanks, and large wastewater tanks. To complete your next outdoor activity, there’s nothing like one of these NSF certified, portable sinks.

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By purchasing one of our refurbished True® products, you will know that you have top-of-the-line, dependable equipment that carries our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We deliver all across the United States and to some parts of Canada. Every piece of equipment has been painstakingly inspected and renovated, both inside and out.

Remember, you can save as much as 50% on each piece of equipment you purchase from Ancaster Food Equipment, in many cases.

If you are looking to buy refurbished True® refrigerators, freezers, and coolers in Yukon, Canada today, simply get an instant quote by calling (855)888-9644 or ask for more relevant information by filling out our Contact Form.

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