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As a giant in the refrigeration industry, Ancaster Food Equipment has established itself as a reliable means of finding the best refrigeration solutions in the country. We have an enormous inventory of True® brand glass door freezers, and commercial coolers that can suit any need of our customers. As a food business owner in Montana, regardless if you own a café or restaurant, it is inevitable that you would have to keep your produce or food products fresh and consumable. Since it is a necessity to purchase a cooling system for your perishable food items, why not get refurbished cooling systems here at Ancaster Food Equipment at the most affordable prices?

Refurbished True® Equipment In Montana

Refurbished True® Commercial Refrigerators & Coolers in Montana

Here at Ancaster Food Equipment, we carry a large range of commercial refrigerators and coolers made by the reputable True® brand, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the commercial refrigeration industry. We offer these products for much cheaper prices than other companies, despite the fact that the quality of our products is unbeatable. If you are looking for a 1, 2, or 3 Door Cooler, or even Countertop Coolers, look no further because we provide all these products.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Montana

Refurbished True® Commercial Glass Door Freezers in Montana

Our company also sells refurbished True® commercial glass door freezers that are perfect for increasing the chances of impulse purchases from your customers and raise your store’s revenue. Our team essentially refurbishes the freezers to make them run seamlessly so that they function as good as new. We offer a range of 1 to 3 Door Freezers that are high in quality and extremely economical.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Montana

Novelty Freezers in Montana

We are also known in the industry for our one-of-a-kind novelty freezers. They all feature sleek glass tops that your customers can look through to see the products you might be selling. Furthermore, it reduces time wastage because you would be able to choose which frozen item you want to take out even before opening the freezer. Our novelty freezers have the ability to reach temperature ranges of <-18 degree Celsius and come with a one-year warranty. Our One Sliding Door Novelty Freezer has a capacity of 160 Liters, while the larger Two Sliding Door Novelty Freezer can store up to 360 liters.

Portable Sinks in Montana

Our portable sinks are a wise and efficient addition to your outdoor parties or festivals. They are extremely easy to transport and move because of the wheels at the bottom of the sinks. Our portable sinks are all NSF certified, made of commercial grade 304 stainless steel, and have the ability to dispense either hot or cold water to your liking.

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Ever since our inception over 30 years ago, Ancaster Food Equipment has worked with many kinds of businesses and buyers to provide only the best  oolers and sinks at the most competitive prices. We are lucky to have a team of professionals who have years of experience under their belts and possess the necessary skills needed to refurbish commercial refrigeration equipment. They ensure that our products meet the high industry standards and satisfy our customers’ needs every single time.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we refurbish True products in a process that sees a rigorous inspection procedure. The products are stringently tested and refurbished to even higher working standards. Our team ensures that every faulty part is replaced and the entire True system is cleaned and made to work and look as if it were just manufactured. We also offer packages that can allow you to choose which parts to upgrade according to your fancy. If you are still worried about the reliability of refurbished products, fret not because every product that we sell comes with a warranty.

If you are looking to buy refurbished True refrigerators, freezers, and coolers in Montana today, simply get an instant quote by calling (855)888-9644 or ask for more relevant information by filling up our Contact Form.

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