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Ancaster Food Equipment offers commercial refurbishing services that are unmatched in the industry, specializing in True® commercial coolers and freezers. Their refurbished items include flower coolers, stand-up freezers, and regular storage refrigerators. Thanks to their dedication to the refurbishment process, they are able to give extended life to these older models of True® equipment. Business owners who are looking for cost-effective solutions when it comes to refurbished equipment can count on Ancaster Food Equipment as the go-to experts in the field of cooler and refrigerator refurbishment.


For over three decades, we have proudly provided our customers with the best quality in refurbished commercial coolers and freezers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality True® commercial coolers and freezers for our customers. To do this, we source our equipment from businesses that have gone through either closure or product upgrades.

After receiving the coolers and freezers, our team of True® certified technicians begin a meticulous refurbishing process. All existing interior mechanisms are removed prior to the installation of brand-new OEM parts. These parts include the compressor, condenser, valves, solenoids, gaskets, and all other components necessary for operation. After all of the new parts have been installed and tested to ensure they meet the highest industry standards, then our customers can rest assured that each commercial freezer and refrigerator unit has undergone a full inspection by qualified professionals.

Additionally, every unit undergoes a comprehensive aesthetic upgrade with new LED lighting and fresh paint as well as vinyl so that you obtain a like-new appliance at an exceptional price. All refurbished coolers and freezers come with a full coverage warranty. We offer our customers a full seven (7) year warranty on the compressor and two (2) years on the freezer. You can be confident in your selection knowing that Ancaster Food Equipment stands behind the quality of the product.


At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand the importance of keeping flowers beautiful and fresh -  we worked with hundreds of florists from across North America and provided them with high-quality refurbished True® Floral Coolers. Our True® certified technicians retrofit our glass door flower coolers with electronic controllers and temperature probes for optimal floral storage. With these specialized units, businesses can ensure their arrangements look exquisite, which is essential in a competitive market. If you need any further customization, just let us know and our specialists will be more than happy to accommodate your exact needs.


Accessible hand washing is an important way to help stop the spread of germs, which is why portable hand washing stations from Ancaster Food Equipment can really make a difference in Memphis. Each portable sink has been designed using heavy-duty materials while being portable and easy to move. Keep Safe portable sinks are the perfect way to make sure your office, venue, or daycare is hygienic and safe. With up to 120 hand washes per sink and a simple setup process! The portable sink offers up to five separate stations for multiple people or groups to use at the same time, plus it has portable running water that doesn't need a direct connection to do its job.

To improve the function of each portable sink we offer 3 additional add-ons:

  1. Foot pedal - Offers a  touchless wash.
  2. Waste water pump - By working against gravity, the wastewater pump helps remove any remaining water in the waste water tanks.
  3. Cold Storage Kit - Perfect for our customers based in Chicago who will be storing the portable sink over the winter.

Click here for more information on our portable sinks!

With the portable hand washing station from Ancaster Food Equipment, people in Memphis can keep their hands clean, no matter where they are.


We take customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships very seriously. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations every time while providing high-quality, value-filled options. Our line of North American-assembled portable sinks are essential kitchen components, while our full selection of both new and refurbished coolers and freezers offer unbeatable deals without sacrificing quality. After over 30 years in the business, we've remained committed to customer service since our first days - a testament to the dedication we have towards ensuring customer happiness. If you're seeking top-notch quality with exceptional customer service, you'll find it at Ancaster Food Equipment. We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Standard shipping is included across The United States.

Customers are sent an email once the equipment leaves the warehouse, This email includes all tracking information and detailed information regarding the delivery of the equipment. The tracking information will include contact information for the carriers, should customers require additional information about the location of the equipment.

Our third-party carriers do not offer inside delivery on standard delivery, we recommend having staff members, or friends help bring the equipment inside. Alternatively, we can offer inside delivery at the expense of the customer. Please make your sales representative aware of this prior to shipping.


See what some of our satisfied client had to say about us and our top notch service. We love
what we do and it shows!

Nancy Abrams, Dimpl Media Inc

"Moving forward, I have been thinking I would like to use Ancaster as my primary equipment supplier, even though you aren't located in Winnipeg. I've found your sales techniques and your kind attitude is a game-changer from what I've experienced in Winnipeg for equipment suppliers.Thank you!"


"Hello Tasha! Hope this finds you well! The fridge is fantastic. Like the Tardis from Doctor Who - bigger on the inside than it appears! THANK YOU!"

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