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Located along the beautiful Thames River, London is Canada’s hub for health care and education. With a population of just under 400,000, the city is attractive to families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of neighbouring urban centres. Housing prices are much lower here compared to nearby cities like Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo. It also boasts an extensive network of parks, hiking trails and bicycle paths, making it perfect for those with young children. London has a strong workforce with many job opportunities, particularly in medical research and information technology. The city is home to the famous University of Western Ontario and more than 300 technology companies. Its largest employer is the London Health Sciences Centre.

Why Choose Ancaster Food Equipment for ?

Many London businesses require some sort of refrigeration system, whether it’s to store beverages at the university food court or display foods at the hospital cafeteria, and we’re proud to supply them with True® freezers and coolers. We make sure to keep all features intact during the refurbishment process. When it comes to internal parts, we replace the ones that do not pass our rigorous standards. Replaceable parts include the compressor, motor, lighting units and temperature controls. In Our Used commercial refrigerator There’s no need to worry about sanitary issues either; we ensure all units are sterilized and odourless before delivery. As for aesthetics, we not only sand the exterior but also re-paint each unit to get rid of chips, scratches and other blemishes. Here are some added benefits of trusting us as your preferred supplier of used commercial refrigerator remanufactured True® products:
  • No need to worry about liability claims; Ancaster is licensed, bonded and insured
  • Next-day shipping for all models in stock
  • No need for refrigeration specialists; simply plug in your appliance and start selling
  • Massive showroom with fabulous deals on a variety of True® systems
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