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Reasons to get a portable sink for your next event

Every Reason You Need a Portable Sink at Your Next Outdoor Event

Posted by | 22-03-2021

We don’t get a lot of sunshine and warm days, so it’s no surprise that outdoor events always have a huge draw. Whether it’s a picnic, farmer’s market, concert, or festival, outdoor events attract large crowds who enjoy these seasonal attractions. For local businesses, outdoor events also present opportunities to connect with customers and grow their market.

Outdoor events really are a great deal of fun — until you need a washroom, or it’s time to eat, wash hands, or clean up. And while port-a-potties are a staple at outdoor gatherings, everyone knows they’re often filthy by mid-day. Worse, a lot of people are often left to fend for themselves with hand sanitizer — if they even remembered to bring one.

Are outdoor events really the end of proper hygiene? It’s hard to enjoy food truck concoctions like overloaded burgers and fries, ice cream, and just about every novel treat when you can’t eat them with clean hands. Luckily, portable sinks exist.

How does a portable sink work?

As its name suggests, a portable sink is exactly that — a mobile hand washing and cleaning station that can easily be set up in any location. Simply roll it to the event grounds, then plug to a power source, place batteries, or opt for manual foot pump operation. 

Inside these sinks are water tanks and a heater, allowing it to dispense both cold and hot water, along with soap and paper towels for complete hand hygiene. A portable sink can be stationed outside a port-a-potty, close to picnic areas, and even inside food trucks or booths. With hand hygiene guaranteed, you can have a fun, safe, and comfortable outdoor event. Read more to find out how:

Health and Safety

Portable sinks offer a complete cleaning solution. With clean running water on-site, both event-goers and organizers can easily wash their hands before and after meals, after using public washrooms and cleaning up after the event. These self-contained sinks come in one, two, or three-basin configurations for maximum cleaning and simultaneous use.

Even with a sink in sight, you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t practise good hygiene and sanitation. Their reason? There’s no hot water. But with a portable sink, you can guarantee comfort, while increasing compliance with basic hygiene.

Today, the best portable sinks in the market offer both hot and cold water in a single, self-contained unit. Typically, next to the interior water tank is a heater that allows the sink to dispense warm water, so guests can wash their hands comfortably. For organizers — particularly food vendors — having hot water on-site also ensures both food safety and faster clean-up as greasy pots and pans, utensils, and other essentials work non-stop to serve guests.

Guests Stay Longer, Buy More

Wings, fries, burgers, ice cream, the list goes on —  are just some of the most popular outdoor festival foods. And because customers gravitate towards novel and exciting flavours they know they won’t get elsewhere, many food vendors also take this opportunity to get creative. In a word, outdoor dining is tricky, if not messy.

You can avoid serving greasy snacks and messy treats, but it doesn’t change hand hygiene needs. And because hand sanitizer alone is no match for the mess, many event-goers can be discouraged from eating to their heart’s content knowing that they won’t be able to clean up sticky fingers. Instead of staying longer and dining al fresco, they’re likely to pack up and leave.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix: portable sinks. With a mobile hand washing station, you can encourage guests to stay longer and buy more from vendors at your outdoor event. They won’t have to leave the event grounds just to wash their hands because they can simply walk a few steps to the nearest sink.

Designed for Long-Lasting Outdoor Use

Outdoor events are rugged: the terrain can be rocky and uneven, or soft and muddy from uneven rainfall. Then, there’s always the question of weather and humidity during the event itself, and the comings-and-goings of large crowds. In short, you can almost always expect damage to any equipment — if you don’t have trouble lugging them around in the first place.

But not portable sinks. These self-contained units are compact and lightweight and easy to set up in any location. They’re also made of high-quality durable materials, complete with an anti-bacterial polymer to withstand outdoor elements. Best of all, portable sinks can be configured to your exact needs: get a unit with one, two, or three basins, stock up on cleaning supplies and improve both hand hygiene and cleaning.

Where to Set Up a Portable Sink

Are you hosting an outdoor event? If you haven’t done so, make sure to include portable sinks in your logistics arrangement. You’ll be surprised at how versatile and adaptable these are across a wide range of events and applications:

1. Food truck festivals

Get guests to wash their hands before and after eating, and reduce the risk of spreading harmful bacteria. At your prep station, you can also increase hand hygiene compliance among staff to improve food safety and customer satisfaction. Plus, with a multi-basin setup, you can dedicate separate areas for hand washing and equipment cleaning.

2. Outdoor concerts and festivals

Anyone who’s ever used a port-a-potty will tell you one thing: these are filthy! Worse, event-goers can easily spread the bacteria they pick up from going to the washroom, or even just exploring the event grounds when there’s no place to wash their hands. But give your guests a sink, soap and water, complete with signs for promoting hand hygiene, and they’re a lot more likely to remember to wash their hands.

3. Campsites

Going camping? Turn it into glamping simply with the addition of a portable sink. Being one with nature doesn’t mean forgetting hygiene basics. A nearby portable sink will have hot and cold water for hand washing and cleaning, so you can wash away germs as you cook, eat and explore.

4. Weddings and parties

Loved for their rustic charm, outdoor weddings are a massive hit among newlyweds and their well-wishers. After all, who wouldn’t love to recite their vows and celebrate amidst the sunset and stars? A portable sink is a lifesaver on these occasions. Guests can wash their hands after using a portable toilet in between all the merriment, and caterers can sanitize equipment for utmost safety.

To learn more about the applications of portable sinks, call Ancaster Food Equipment at 866-711-5486, or contact us here.

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