Best in Class Refurbished Floral Coolers from Ancaster Food Equipment

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Ancaster Food Equipment presents a lineup of impeccably refurbished 1-door floral coolers, merging aesthetic brilliance with robust functionality to preserve your blossoms’ delicate beauty and fragrance. Highlighting models like the GDM-23 and GDM-26, these coolers showcase non-peel, durable black laminated vinyl exteriors, self-closing doors, and ample spatial dimensions, ensuring your flowers retain their vibrancy. Meticulously designed, these coolers, perfect for novice and established florists, promise commercial-grade performance and reliability. With versatile and accessible cooling solutions tailored to varied floral storage needs, Ancaster helps florists provide an enriched customer experience by sustaining the freshness and vivacity of their floral inventory.

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Ancaster Food Equipment introduces its refined 2-door floral coolers, a symbiosis of aesthetic charm and functionality, ensuring your blooms remain vibrant and fresh. Crafted with a durable, non-peel black laminated vinyl exterior and featuring self-closing glass doors, these coolers provide optimal visibility and a temperature-controlled environment for your flowers. With dimensions of 78 5/8” in height, 54 1/8” wide, and a depth of 29 7/8”, plus a mechanical profile of 1/2 horsepower and 115/60/1 voltage, the coolers offer ample display space without forsaking freshness. Energy-efficient, with a durable design and maximized visibility, these 2-door coolers are not just refrigeration units but elegant showcases, ensuring your floral inventory is always presented in a lively, lush spectacle, enhancing your floral business’s aesthetic and operational excellence.

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Ancaster Food Equipment offers its impeccable Refurbished 3-Door Floral Coolers, specifically highlighting the stellar GDM-72, ensuring a reliable, economical solution for maintaining and showcasing the vibrancy of your floral arrangements. With its non-peel, durable black laminated vinyl exterior, self-closing doors, and strategic dimensions of 79 3/8” x 78 1/8” x 29 7/8”, this 625lb cooler, operating on 1/2 horsepower and 115/60/1 voltage, guarantees optimal internal conditions for your blooms. The 3-door cooler, featuring a 9ft cord and six adjustable shelves, stands as a beacon of freshness, quality, and economic sensibility, offering vast space and a sustainable choice for florists by combining reliable, cost-effective performance with an eco-friendly approach to business.


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Welcome to Your One-Stop Shop for Refurbished Floral Coolers

Discover a blossoming array of refurbished
coolers that promise to breathe freshness into your exquisite flower arrangements. Embrace the ideal environment for your floral beauties with our meticulously maintained floral coolers for sale, ensuring that every petal maintains its vibrant allure from storage to display.

In addition to providing commercial coolers and display freezers for the food industry, Ancaster is proud to offer a selection of refurbished, fully self-contained flower coolers! We have helped hundreds of flower shops save on high quality equipment over our 30 years in business – ask for some references!

Flowers require gentle airflow and high humidity to remain beautiful and fresh. That’s why all of our floral coolers are specially retrofit with electronic controllers and temperature probes by our certified technicians to hold floral temperatures. It is important to note that standard commercial refrigerators are not suitable for cold floral storage because they use rapid air movement to maintain low humidity levels. This fast airflow hastens the dehydration of flowers and leads to reduced freshness and the chance of significant inventory loss.

Therefore, investing in the right flower cooler is vital in the success of your floral business. Ancaster Food Equipment can help if you are looking to get flower coolers to maintain your products’ quality and freshness.


Benefits of Flower Coolers

One of the most prominent benefits of using flower coolers is that business owners lose fewer flowers to stem and petal wilt, infectious bacteria, and plant dehydration. With a longer shelf life, consumers will be more satisfied with their products and become repeat customers.

Investing in a cooler for flowers provides a greater return on investment by reducing money loss due to product waste. When looking at the costs of standard coolers vs. floral coolers, there is sometimes a draw to the less costly unit. However, in storing living organisms, the chances of losing money due to the wrong cooler is higher. Selecting a customized flower cooler ensures your products last longer and sell better.

The high humidity level provided by a floral fridge restores freshly cut flowers to their maximum potential. After being cut, some plants experience deterioration due to trauma. The moisture-rich environment of a flower cooler for flowers promotes healing and helps them look their best when it comes time to sell.

Floral Coolers from Ancaster

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we offer floral fridges that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Below are some of our products’ key features;

  • Our flower coolers are available in a wide range of sizes, e.g., one-, two-, and three-section models. In addition, these systems can be up to 80 inches wide.
  • Our flower coolers come with self-closing swing doors. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Custom settings to meet the unique requirements of each business and type of flower.
  • Most flowers and plants should be stored at 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain freshness – if you have special requirements for your product, let us know. Our technicians will customize your flower cooler to your exact temperature specifications!
  • In addition to being stored in cool conditions, cut flowers also need to be stored in humid environments to avoid drying out. Our modifications to slow air flow help in the flower cooler help maintain humidity levels
  • Humidity levels in most refrigeration units can fall below 10 percent if the door remains closed most of the time. The humidity in flower coolers is typically set between 80 and 95 percent to keep flowers at their best.
  • If you plan to buy a floral refrigeration system, ensure the product is a specially designed floral cooler
  • Food and beverages should never be stored in a cooler for flowers because high humidity in cabinets promotes the growth of bacteria, which can lead to a health code violation

Exceptional Range of Floral Coolers

Our extensive selection of flower coolers unveils a world where technological excellence meets economic sensibility. Our inventory spans from small, intimate floral fridges designed for cozy boutiques to robust commercial flower coolers fit for large-scale florists and event planners.

Flowers can be temperamental, and our flower fridges ensure every bloom stays as refreshing as a spring morning. From the popular floral refrigerator options to custom-tailored floral refrigerators, every unit within our inventory ensures your blossoms retain their delicate essence.

Your Local and Online Floral Cooling Solutions

Proudly serving the Ancaster flower community, we prioritize local businesses with an exclusive range of flower coolers, intertwining the reliability of Ancaster refrigeration with the aesthetic delicacy of Ancaster flower arrangements. But our commitment does not wilt at local borders; explore our online inventory for floral coolers for sale near me, providing an accessible floral cooling solution to florists nationwide.

Diverse Assortment with A Promise of Quality

In our selection, find a floral cooler for sale that fits your space and aesthetic, from commercial floral coolers to quaint floral fridges, all guaranteeing vibrant longevity to your floral inventory. Our flower cooler Canada range ensures that your flowers remain as timeless as your service, whether within a 3 door flower cooler or a compact small floral cooler.

Commercial Floral Cooler Options at Your Fingertips

Explore custom floral cooler designs and innovative commercial flower refrigerators that promise to seamlessly blend into your business aesthetic. The variety spans flower refrigerators crafted for commercial spaces to petite flower coolers for sale, perfect for specialized or seasonal offerings.

Navigate Through Choices with Ease

Drift through our collection, from flower coolers for sale to floral refrigerators for sale, each unit meticulously refurbished to present reliable floral refrigeration without compromise. From the elegantly compact floral fridge for sale to expansive flower display fridges, every bloom will find its perfect chill within our offerings.

Trust in Our Refurbished Units

Every used flower cooler and floral cooler used unit is refurbished to meet stringent quality and performance standards, ensuring your flowers bask in optimal conditions. For florists requiring short-term solutions, our floral cooler buying options provide temporary refrigeration without sacrificing quality.

Solutions for Every Florist

Whether you’re in the market for a commercial flower cooler, pondering over a floral display cooler, or exploring florist refrigeration equipment, we’ve cultivated a garden of options to ensure your flowers remain perpetually in bloom.

Contact Ancaster Food Equipment for Best-In-Class Floral Coolers

Your flowers tell a story; with our range of flower coolers, that story remains vibrant, fresh, and ever-enticing. Navigate through our offerings and ensure every petal, stem, and leaf narrates a tale of timeless beauty, refrigerated perfection, and flawless presentation, only with our top-tier refurbished floral coolers.

If you are looking for a specific floral fridge model and can’t find what you are searching for on our website, please contact us today. Alternatively, you may call our customer service representatives at 855-888-9644 or visit our showroom in person.

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