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Cultivating Business Growth with Refreshed Blooms and 3-Door Floral Coolers

Explore our Refurbished 3-Door Floral Coolers – an optimal choice for floral businesses seeking a perfect blend of reliability and affordability. Dive into a world where the freshness of your beautiful blossoms is our priority. Presently, we feature the splendid GDM-72 Refurbished True® Three Glass Door Flower Cooler, designed to be a fantastic and economical solution to keep your floral arrangements vibrant and fresh for an extended period.


Experience the lasting freshness provided by our 3-door floral cooler, a pivotal element for every florist aiming for excellence in floral preservation. The GDM-72 comes with:

Optimal Cooling for Flourishing Blooms

Our flower coolers are meticulously designed to offer superior cooling, keeping every petal in pristine condition. The commercial floral coolers, especially those with a 3-door configuration like the GDM-72, serve as the gatekeepers of freshness for your precious flowers, ensuring they maintain their vitality and visual appeal.

Why Choose Our Refurbished 3-Door Floral Coolers?

Opting for a used flower cooler, especially a refurbished one, provides businesses with a brilliant, cost-effective solution. Our refurbished 3-door flower cooler not only grants you the benefit of extensive space but also aligns with economic sensibilities by offering the reliable performance of a new unit at a fraction of the cost.

Versatility in Every Inch

Whether you’re a florist managing various arrangements or a business handling coolers for flowers, versatility is key. Our 3-door cooler comes with ample storage and adjustable shelving, accommodating various sizes and shapes of floral arrangements, ensuring that each bloom has its perfect spot.

A Sustainable Choice

Choosing our used floral coolers aids in promoting a sustainable business model. The commercial flower cooler from our catalog, particularly those refurbished, is thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested to provide you with a reliable floral refrigerator, ensuring a flawless operation without the environmental impact of manufacturing new units.

Browse and Secure Your Floral Preservation

Discover our extensive range of products, from a 3-door floral cooler for sale to our highlighted product in this category, the GDM-72, and more. Ensure that your floral offerings, whether from Allans Flowers or any other splendid garden, continue to radiate beauty and freshness within the confines of our top-tier floral fridges.

Our promise extends beyond just the sale. We are here to guide and assist you through your journey with your floral display cooler, ensuring that every arrangement, from roses to orchids, remains as vibrant and fresh as the day it was picked.

Dive into a World Where Freshness Meets Aesthetic Brilliance!

We are excited to be part of your floral business’s flourishing journey. Our collection, though presently featuring the exquisite GDM-72, is bound to expand, providing you with a myriad of options to choose from in the realm of flower cooler used units and beyond. Stay tuned for more, and ensure your blooms always reflect the epitome of freshness with our robust floral coolers.

Connect with Ancaster Food Equipment for Unparalleled Flower Cooling Solutions

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Feel free to dial 855-266-4150 to chat with our friendly customer service team or immerse yourself in the world of quality equipment by visiting our showroom in person. Your floral freshness journey, enhanced by our top-notch coolers, begins with a single, simple interaction!


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