When working in the food industry, it is vital to have high-quality, energy-efficient glass door freezers to meet the demands of your business. Working with Ancaster Food Equipment guarantees you will have a glass door display freezer that best fits your company and customers unique needs. Our one door display freezer options range in size from 23” to 30” wide, with varying depths and cooling capacities from 12 to 26 cubic feet. Our commercial freezers are durable, affordable and reliable, which make them the best choice for any business in the food and hospitality industries.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we strive to provide the highest quality glass door display freezers. Whether you are a grocery store, restaurant/cafe, ice cream shop or gas station, you need a durable commercial freezer you can rely on to provide the highest quality frozen products to your customers. Our two door glass door freezers are both energy and cost efficient in order to provide you with excellent standards. Our two-door glass display freezers provide easy access and ample storage capacity for a variety of products, while still being aesthetically pleasing. We have many double door freezer options available with varying widths and heights to fit any space.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, our 3-door glass door display freezers are designed to offer both style and efficiency. Depending on the specific model, these three door display freezers provide about 72 cubic feet of storage and are 78” to 80” wide. These triple door commercial freezers are also industry leading, long-lasting and efficient, while offering great savings. Our 3-door display freezers offer maximum capacity that is ideal for larger spaces and high inventory demand. They are the ultimate eco-friendly option that are dependable, as well as easily accessible. You can be confident you made the right decision for your business when you purchase a commercial freezer from Ancaster.


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At Ancaster Food Equipment we specialize in efficient, affordable solutions for your commercial freezer needs. Your business must provide safe, easily accessible and attractive food storage for your customers while making sure efficiency is top of mind. When you need dependable glass door merchandising freezers for your ice cream shop or grocery store, our commercial display freezers are designed to look good, while keeping your frozen goods safe.

Ancaster Food Equipment provides a complete lineup of both refurbished and brand new display freezer options to meet all our customers’ needs. Our company has been refurbishing True® brand glass door coolers and freezers for over three decades and ships thousands of units each year to clients across Canada and the USA. Best of all, these refurbished commercial display freezer models are available at half the price of the equivalent True® unit! Yet we guarantee you’ll never sacrifice quality, durability, or customer satisfaction and back it with a no nonsense best-in-class warranty.

When you need an affordable commercial glass door merchandiser, you can depend on Ancaster’s glass door display freezers to suit your needs and budget.


When you work with frozen food products, you need high-quality, dependable and energy-efficient commercial glass door freezers to meet the needs of your customers. When you work with the Ancaster team you know you’ll find glass door commercial freezers to ensure you always sell the freshest products and avoid unnecessary waste.


At Ancaster, we offer a team of experts that will help you choose the best commercial glass door freezer for your needs. We offer:

  • Shipping across North America with next day shipping available for in-stock items
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Extended warranty
  • Many leasing options for your convenience

We strive to provide the highest quality commercial glass door freezers to meet the needs of your growing business.

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