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Discover the Excellence of Refurbished TRUE® GDM-23 & TRUE® GDM-26 Commercial Coolers with Ancaster Food Equipment

For over three decades, Ancaster Food Equipment has stood as North America’s premier refurbisher of commercial one-door coolers, delivering exceptional value and quality to small and large businesses. Among our expansive range, we’re particularly proud to offer a vast selection of one-door coolers from True®, a name synonymous with excellence in the realm of commercial refrigeration. If you seek a perfect blend of premium craftsmanship, an unparalleled warranty, and pocket-friendly pricing, then our refurbished True® one-door coolers are impeccable.

Our rigorous refurbishment process shows our commitment to maintaining the True® brand’s integrity. Every True® cooler undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by our team of certified experts, ensuring its performance matches its original efficiency and reliability. Beyond mere cosmetic touch-ups, our restoration dives deep. We meticulously sand and refinish the interior and exterior to bestow a fresh-from-the-factory look. Moreover, critical electrical and mechanical components, such as compressors, fan motors, lighting units, or temperature controls, are replaced with new OEM parts.

Opting for a True refrigerator from Ancaster Food Equipment is not just about aesthetic appeal, but its design presents a stellar merchandising option. It’s an eco-conscious choice. The cooler’s design champions energy efficiency, resulting in noticeably reduced utility bills and, by extension, a minimized carbon footprint for your business. High-grade refrigeration units often come with a hefty price tag when bought brand new. However, by choosing Ancaster’s refurbished True® units, you can anticipate up to 50% savings compared to their new counterparts.

Introducing Our Premium House Brand: The Next Evolution in Commercial Refrigeration by Ancaster Food Equipment (AFE)

Ancaster Food Equipment has been synonymous with top-quality refurbished commercial refrigerators from globally renowned brands for years. As we continue to strive for excellence and innovation, we are thrilled to present the next evolution of our offerings under our very own house brand. This is a testament to the heritage and commitment of Ancaster Food Equipment, not a separate brand.

Our new line of refrigerators, born from our vast experience and deep understanding of the commercial refrigeration industry, underscores our dedication to supreme quality, innovation, and exceptional performance. Each refrigerator under our house brand is crafted meticulously to uphold and exceed the highest industry standards, ensuring utmost reliability. As we move forward, we invite you to explore this remarkable range and experience the confluence of Ancaster Food Equipment’s rich legacy and the future of commercial refrigeration.


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AFE Single Door Display Refrigerator: The Commercial Refrigerator Your Business Needs

If you’re venturing into the food industry or own a small business, the AFE Single Door Display Refrigerator could be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Let’s delve into the world of display refrigerators and find out why this commercial refrigerator from AFE stands out.

Welcome to the World of Display Refrigerators

A display refrigerator is a cooling appliance with a transparent front, usually made of glass, that enables viewers to see its contents without opening the door. Designed primarily for commercial use, these refrigerators combine the efficiency of cold storage with the appeal of visual marketing.

Typically found in eateries and various culinary establishments, display refrigerators are cooling units with see-through doors, providing a clear view of their contents. Unlike traditional refrigerators with various compartments, display refrigerators primarily feature tiered shelving designed to prominently display the items on sale.

What is a Display Refrigerator Used For?

Display refrigerators are typically found in eateries, cafes, supermarkets, and convenience stores. They serve a dual purpose: maintaining perishable products in optimal conditions while simultaneously showcasing them to potential buyers. By displaying items visually pleasingly, businesses can entice customers and boost sales.

Display refrigerators are commonly utilized in commercial settings to prominently and safely present food and drinks. Another option is the open case refrigerated display units, which you might find in produce sections, allowing customers direct access to fruits and vegetables without any barrier.

Beyond their primary roles, display refrigerators also play a pivotal part in a business’s branding and customer perception. An aesthetically arranged display refrigerator communicates professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality.

Furthermore, in the competitive market of food and beverages, where choices are abundant, a display refrigerator acts as a silent salesperson, narrating a story of freshness and quality. For products that rely heavily on visual appeal, such as artisanal desserts or gourmet sandwiches, the transparent design of these refrigerators amplifies their allure.

Likewise, the open design of doorless units in produce sections not only emphasizes the freshness of fruits and vegetables but also offers an unobstructed, tactile shopping experience where customers can handpick items based on their preferences.

Top Reasons for Using a Display Fridge for Your Business

In the dynamic world of food and beverage businesses, presentation is as crucial as preservation. A display fridge ensures your products remain fresh and elevates their visual appeal, encouraging impulse purchases. If you’re contemplating enhancing your establishment’s functionality and aesthetic, here are the top reasons to consider investing in a display fridge for your business.

Better Product Condition

Display refrigerators are designed to offer consistent temperature regulation. This ensures that products, whether cakes, beverages, or sandwiches, remain fresh for longer periods, retaining their texture and flavor.

Visual Appeal

The allure of a well-organized and illuminated display fridge cannot be denied. It offers customers a preview of the culinary delights inside, making it an effective marketing tool. It’s said that we eat with our eyes first, and a display fridge capitalizes on this principle.

Easy to Clean

With glass surfaces and streamlined shelves, AFE’s Single Door Display Refrigerator is easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that your products always sit against a backdrop that looks (and is) hygienically pristine.

Commercial Storage

Designed with businesses in mind, these refrigerators have ample space to store products in large quantities, catering to daily customer demands without needing frequent restocking.

Energy Efficiency

Modern display refrigerators, like the AFE Single Door variant, are engineered to consume less power while still providing optimal cooling. The transparent door reduces the frequency of door openings, preserving the cold air inside and saving energy.


The sealed nature of display refrigerators ensures that external contaminants are kept at bay. Additionally, the ease of cleaning means the internal environment can be kept sanitary, which is vital for food-based businesses.

Consumer Comfort

Customers appreciate the convenience of browsing available options without needing to open multiple containers or doors. They can make choices faster, leading to quicker service times and higher customer satisfaction.

Cold as Ice, Clear as Day: AFE’s Single Door Refrigeration Masterpiece!

When balancing aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency, the AFE Single Door Display Refrigerator stands in a league of its own. It’s not just a refrigeration unit; it’s a statement of quality and commitment to providing the best for your customers. This refrigeration appliance is an investment in excellence for businesses aiming to make an impression.

Contact Ancaster Food Equipment for More Information on One Door Coolers

Single-door display coolers are the ideal blend of space-saving design and energy efficiency, tailored to meet the demands of small businesses and front-end purchasing. Whether interested in our refurbished True® coolers or eager to explore our in-house brand-new product line, Ancaster Food Equipment is here to assist. For comprehensive details or to discuss your needs, please contact us via our online contact page.



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