Product placement is everything in retail — especially treats like ice cream. It’s the one food merchandise that practically sells itself because no one can resist a good scoop or an entire tub of both classic comfort flavours like chocolate and vanilla, or bold and exciting gourmet finds. Ice cream is the ultimate “grab-and-go” merchandise that attracts customers when displayed in novelty freezers — and you need a reliable one to ensure both an enticing display and climate-controlled storage that seals in flavour.

  • One Sliding Door
  • Model # XS-160YX
  • Capacity: 160 litres
  • Temperature Range: <-18C
  • Width: 26 1/4"
  • Depth: 27 3/4"
  • Height: 34 1/2"
  • Set Of Casters - Free
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty

Ice cream is the number one “grab-and-go” merchandise — customers can easily see it, and reach into novelty freezers to grab their favourite treats. The combination of delicious flavours and effectiveproduct placement will definitely guarantee sales and increase store revenue. All you need to do is find the perfect commercial freezer to store these frozen treats, and turn them into aneye-catching display.

  • Two Sliding Door
  • Model # XS-360YX
  • Capacity: 360 Litres
  • Temperature Range: <-18C
  • Width: 49 1/2"
  • Depth: 27 3/4"
  • Height: 34 1/2"
  • Set Of Casters - Free
  • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty

The XS-700YX commercial ice cream freezer by Ancaster Food Equipment is a versatile merchandiser for showcasing popular treats and is designed to boost your impulse sales by keeping top-selling frozen novelties within reach. Shipped on pallet with a sleek frame and a made-for-convenience design, this machine will beautifully display your top-selling frozen goods as a stand alone unit, as part of a freezer island or in a line of multiple display freezers.

  • Model #XS-700YX
  • 700 Litre / 24.72 cubic feet capacity
  • Temperature range of <18 C / <0.4F
  • Color: White
  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 78.75"
  • Depth: 29.75"
  • Height: 32.25"
  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • Four 2" casters, 2 with locking capability
  • 6 Wire baskets included for easy access
  • Electrical (Voltage): 115 V / 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labour


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With clear glass top displays and convenient sliding doors for easy access, our novelty freezers are the perfect addition to any grocery store, gas station, or convenience store. Designed for ice creams, popsicles, and other quick grab and go items, these glass top chest freezers are a smart choice for impulse buys and frozen snack food.

Novelty commercial ice cream display freezers are popular among supermarkets and convenience shops because of their accessibility. They are known to increase sales by drawing in the “grab and go” customer base. Customers can see the products clearly, grab what they need, and take it to eat on the go. The simplicity of the sliding glass doors also ensures products remain cold and fresh between every use and being a mobile ice cream display freezer; it can be moved to any space in the store.

We also offer a catalogue of ice cream freezers designed for full-service establishments where your staff scoops ice cream for customers. Our most popular ice cream freezer models hold six, eight or ten tubs of ice cream but we can help you find smaller or larger models depending on your needs.

One of the most popular novelty and ice cream freezers is the two-sliding door model. This ice cream display freezer is designed for easy access to food products, energy efficiency, and maximum space usage. Each two-door unit is designed with:

The one door display freezer reflects the two-door model, with minimal changes in size and design. The single door unit is designed as a space saver, with all the same enticing grab and go opportunity as our larger model. Some features of the chest freezer include:

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The main differences between residential and commercial freezers are that the latter is typically larger and more versatile. Though residential freezers can hold enough food for an average-sized family, commercial freezers are the optimal choice for restaurants and cafes, storefronts, home-based businesses as well as larger families. Commercial freezers are also physically sturdier and have more stable cooling to accommodate for the continual industrial level of use that required more powerful compressors and more accurate temperature controls.

To learn more about the differences before you make a purchase, you can read our blog.

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