Product placement is everything in retail — especially treats like ice cream. It’s the one food merchandise that practically sells itself because no one can resist a good scoop or an entire tub of both classic comfort flavours like chocolate and vanilla, or bold and exciting gourmet finds. Ice cream is the ultimate “grab-and-go” merchandise that attracts customers when displayed in novelty freezers — and you need a reliable one to ensure both an enticing display and climate-controlled storage that seals in flavour.

Ancaster Food Equipment is the premier provider of novelty ice cream freezers for store display and product storage. Our selection of one-door chest freezers combines the best of attractive in-store displays and reliable climate-controlled storage to keep these delicious treats delightfully frozen.

The one sliding door novelty ice cream freezer features:

  • A temperature range of up to -18C for optimal frozen storage
  • Compact, space-saver dimensions: 26 in. wide, 27 in. deep, and 34 in. tall
  • LED lights
  • A compressor, defrost heaters, and controller
  • A free set of casters
  • One year manufacturer warranty


The compact and lightweight design is the best feature of this energy efficient ice cream freezer, and it’s perfect for packed store aisles and busy restaurants. The chest freezer also features generous storage and shelving while ensuring an enticing display that’s guaranteed to stop ice cream lovers in their tracks.

Discover one door chest freezers for all your ice cream display and storage needs:

  • Single sliding door: Full reach-in access and clear glass display
  • Ultimate space saver: Small footprint and compact storage and display for limited floor areas
  • Maximum storage: Stores up to 160 litres (5.6 cubic feet) of best-selling ice cream merchandise
  • Secure: Fitted with a built-in lock to secure products and prevent loss
  • Sleek exteriors: Painted white steel finish with gray plastic trim for a sleek and polished display
  • Budget-friendly freezer: Get the best of store display and storage at an unbeatable price and high-quality refurbishing.


At Ancaster Food Equipment, we know commercial freezers just as well as we know ice cream lovers. We’ve employed our expert knowledge of commercial refrigeration to deliver top-rated novelty freezers.

We are committed to delivering quality novelty ice cream freezers that ensure optimal frozen food storage and effective in-store display. Trust us to provide you with the novelty freezer you need and turn your ice cream into best-selling merchandise.

One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 1
One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 2
One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 3
One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 4
One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 5
One Sliding Door Novelty/Ice Cream Freezer 6

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The main differences between residential and commercial freezers are that the latter is typically larger and more versatile. Though residential freezers can hold enough food for an average-sized family, commercial freezers are the optimal choice for restaurants and cafes, storefronts, home-based businesses as well as larger families. Commercial freezers are also physically sturdier and have more stable cooling to accommodate for the continual industrial level of use that required more powerful compressors and more accurate temperature controls.

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