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How a Portable Sink Improves Food Service Safety

Posted by | 01-03-2021

Food shouldn’t just taste good — it should also be safe and healthy to consume. Just as every bite is rich in flavour, it should also be clean and safe during all stages of preparation, from storage to cooking and serving. At the core of every memorable, best-selling flavour profile is a guarantee of the highest standards in food safety.

Food safety is the creed that every restaurant and foodservice business lives by. Its practice shouldn’t be limited to these traditional retail settings but also apply in food trucks and community-based outlets like daycare centres and schools, offices, and other congregational settings - and it all starts with basic hygiene.

You don’t have to be a seasoned restaurateur to know the life-saving value of frequent hand washing, proper food preparation, and workplace systems that avoid cross-contamination and resulting illness. But how — and how well — you can practise these food safety basics can look a little different depending on where you’re located and the type of operation you run. Even with no traditional kitchen and plumbing insight, learn how a portable sink can help you maintain good safety standards and improve the quality of your food.

No Plumbing, No Problem

One of the most common pitfalls in food safety is a simple lack of access. Budding restaurants, food trucks, and even crowded daycare centres don’t have access to working plumbing systems or enough kitchen and washroom sinks to accommodate the demand, and even when they do, they are few and far between. In many of these settings, hand utensils and food items don’t get washed as regularly or thoroughly, which increases the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Portable sinks for sale or long-term rental offer a simple fix. Designed to be completely mobile, these sinks can be rolled to any indoor or outdoor location for use. Portable sinks can either be plugged into a nearby power source to use hot water and/or an optional foot pedal or used in conjunction with a direct city water line. With large tanks that accommodate 16 gallons of water, there’s plenty to go around for all of your cleaning and food safety needs.

Good, Clean Food

When we think of mouthwatering bites, a lot of people quickly turn to recipes for answers. But before you bust your chops on a cool cooking technique or a unique blend of seasoning, think about your kitchen environment. Is it clean and spotless?

Good food is safe food — every bite should be as clean as it is tasty. In an industry where satisfaction is the key to success, your customers deserve nothing less. Mouthwatering flavours are only possible when each ingredient is properly stored and carefully cleaned before use. And even on a food truck or outdoor event, you can do this with a portable sink.

Choose between the one, two, and three-basin portable sinks for sale to suit your food preparation and safety needs. Even in compact and mobile kitchens, a portable sink provides the space and water supply to ensure that each food item is properly washed. This is your top defence against the spread of harmful bacteria, and with them, serious illnesses like salmonella. 

It only takes one sick customer to erode trust in your brand, so don’t cook and serve anything that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

Clean Kitchen Equipment and Food Prep Stations

You may practice extreme caution in washing food before storage or preparation, but does this precaution extend to everything you use to cook? It’s not enough to clean ingredients thoroughly before cooking — you also need to make sure that kitchen equipment and food prep stations are just as clean and safe.

Even when food is clean, it can be easily contaminated by bacteria lingering on high-contact surfaces. Prep tables and countertops, as well as cutting boards, dishes and utensils, need to be sanitized thoroughly to eliminate harmful bacteria and prevent foodborne illnesses. A portable sink can help you maintain food safety and proper sanitation wherever you’re cooking — whether inside a food truck, outdoors, or even busy food service establishments with sinks that are never empty.

In addition, make sure that these measures are in line with — or even exceed — the food safety standards set by your local health department. When it comes to safe food prep and sanitation and long-term customer satisfaction, an abundance of caution should be the standard.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

You can’t have clean food without clean hands. A clean, safe, and productive kitchen starts with good hand hygiene: kitchen staff must wash their hands properly and frequently during every stage of the food preparation process to prevent cross-contamination and the risk of the most common foodborne illnesses.

Whether your kitchen is inside a food truck, outdoors, or inside a crowded daycare centre or school, installing a portable sink will easily double the incidence of good hand hygiene. Simply knowing that a sink is nearby and accessible — and combined with frequent reminders — customers and staff alike can wash their hands conveniently and regularly. For utmost comfort and thorough cleaning, portable sinks come with both hot and cold water and a soap dispenser.

With a portable sink dedicated to hand washing, you can also improve the sanitation of kitchen equipment and supplies. Staff can wash their hands at a separate location to prevent contaminating items they come into contact with.

Make Clean-Up Easier

The fact is, no one looks forward to scrubbing greasy pots and pans — especially when there’s no sink in sight. But portable sinks present an easy fix, even in the most unconventional locations. 

Two and three-basin sinks provide enough space for all of your clean-up needs. You can dedicate one basin exclusively to some pots and pans and the others to utensils, cleaning up food scraps and even hand washing. With a portable sink, you can easily clean up after service hours and ensure that good hygiene is practised at all times.

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