How To Improve The Efficiency of a Commercial Freezer


One of the most important factors in the food industry is keeping a large stock of food fresh at all times. That is why it is essential to have efficient commercial refrigeration appliances that do the job right and save over half of your energy bill.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand that commercial freezers are a valuable component to your business. After making a commercial freezer purchase, it is important to protect your investment for future usage.

After years of wear-and-tear cooling systems, commercial freezers can be challenging to preserve its functionality and cleanliness. Here is a proactive approach to maintenance that will increase the efficiency of a commercial freezer’s lifespan.


Energy Consumption in Restaurants

The restaurant and food industry is one of the most bustling businesses that rely heavily on commercial freezers. Without them, here are energy consumption facts that affect restaurants' utility usage.

  • Restaurants consume five to seven times more energy than any other commercial building. 
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the highest culprits for electricity consumption in restaurants. 
  • Typical commercial refrigerators consume up to 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. 
  • Commercial freezers consume up to 38,000 kilowatt-hours, resulting in high energy bills. 
  • A high-efficiency commercial freezer significantly decreases energy consumption and monthly utility bills.

Tips for Improving the Efficiency of a Commercial Freezer

Commercial freezers that hold food items should be stored properly. If not, your business might experience an increase in food waste, and even worse, your stock could get potentially contaminated. To avoid spending money on emergency repairs, here is a step-by-step guide on maintaining your commercial freezer.

Ensure Proper Cleanliness Inside The Freezer 

Over time, commercial freezers can get dirty. With different items going in and out of them, it is important to regularly clean and sanitize them.

  • Neglecting regular cleaning, dirty freezers can become a problem in food-service and restaurant establishments that depend on exceptional hygiene. 
  • Bacterial growth is common in commercial freezers. But this can be avoided with regular cleaning. 
  • Bacteria causes contamination and the appliance to waste electricity. 

How to clean a commercial freezer:

  1. Unplug the freezer to eliminate the risk of electrical shock. 
  2. Empty all the contents and items to prepare for a thorough cleaning. 
  3. Throw out any outdated foods or expired items.
  4. Wipe down the interior using warm, soapy water. 
  5. Apply a food-safe sanitizer to disinfect your freezer. Do not skip this step, as sanitization keeps mould and bacteria at bay.
  6. Once the freezer is cleaned and sanitized, plug it back in and restock the food items.

Precisely Inspect Unit 

  • Dust and debris can affect the efficiency of a commercial freezer.  
  • Over time the coils and condenser can clog up, and the freezer will need to consume more energy to cool the appliance. 
  • Check the freezer regularly and keep a look for flaws that need immediate attention.

Things to Consider When Inspecting a Commercial Freezer

While doing regular freezer inspections, here is a list of important details to check out on each freezer:

  • Cold air leaking from doors that are unable to shut properly. 
  • Mould or debris building up along the door seals. 
  • Food spills and sticky messes that can rust hinges and other metal elements. 
  • Check door gaskets on coolers and freezers. Look for tears or rips.

Clean the Fan Blades

  • Fan blades constantly rotate, and over time, they can accumulate dust and grime.
  • Dirty blades will slow down the motor, making it sluggish and ineffective. 
  • Ensure that these components are thoroughly cleaned every month.

Maintain Ideal Temperature 

  • In order to preserve food items freshness and quality, it is mandatory to keep your food stock at the right temperature. 
  • Setting the temperature a few degrees too high or too low can destroy the items in the freezer. 
  • Similar to scheduled cleaning, be sure to maintain regular temperature stability to ensure maximum food quality. 
  • For proper storage, the ideal temperature for commercial freezers should be -18 Celsius (0 Fahrenheit).

Watch out for Moisture

We can’t stress it enough: constant opening and closing of commercial freezers can increase your energy bills due to the build-up of moisture. 

  • Repeated opening and closing of the freezer doors can boost moisture in the conditioned area. 
  • In food-service establishments with high turnover rates, it can be challenging to keep the doors shut for long periods of time. 
  • To avoid increased moisture, ensure the optimal function of moisture control to avoid frost formation in the coldest parts of the freezer. 
  • Enabling moisture control will help prevent overworking compressors that can lead to higher energy bills.

Avoid Frost Build-Up

  • Inefficient and frost-damaged commercial freezers result in higher operating costs. 
  • Expert freezer manufacturers recommend a smart or on-demand defrost system. 
  • A smart defrost system works only when its sensors indicate that it is time to defrost. 
  • It helps to save on energy costs due to higher and optimized efficiency.

Hire Professionals for Internal Maintenance Inspections 

  • Hire a refrigeration specialist for more professional in-depth maintenance inspections. 
  • Do not attempt to do repairs on your own; you might make the problem worse or set off many new malfunctions. There may be underlying issues that only a professional can fix.
  • Internal components may need to be replaced on an annual basis for optimal efficiency. 
  • Some components that a professional will inspect are: compressors, fan motors, and electrical wiring.

How Can Ancaster Food Equipment Assist You With Commercial Freezers In Toronto?

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