Open Case Produce Coolers: Freshness and Accessibility Redefined

Open-case produce coolers are essential fixtures for grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty markets, designed to offer optimal freshness for fruits and vegetables while making them easily accessible to customers. These coolers utilize advanced refrigeration technology to maintain the perfect humidity and temperature levels, ensuring that produce stays fresh longer. With a focus on visibility and convenience, open-case produce coolers are crafted to enhance the shopping experience, encouraging customers to explore and purchase various fresh produce. Our selection of open-case produce coolers combines efficiency with aesthetic appeal to meet the demands of today’s retail environments.

Introducing the AFE OC-30 Open Case Refrigerator, the latest innovation designed to redefine the preservation and presentation of fresh produce in commercial settings. As a brand-new product from Ancaster Food Equipment and with experience selling refurbished commercial refrigerator products for over 30 years in the US and Canada, the AFE OC-30 is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability. Discover the New Air NCR-20-H: A Symphony of Style and Cooling Precision
Welcome to the next level of commercial refrigeration with the AFE OC-36 Open Case Refrigerator. Ancaster Food Equipment, with over three decades of expertise in the industry across the United States and Canada, proudly presents this innovative solution tailored for businesses aiming to enhance the display and preservation of fresh produce. The AFE OC-36 is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, reliability, and eco-friendliness, setting a new benchmark in refrigeration technology.
Introducing the AFE OC-48 Open Case Refrigerator & Produce Cooler, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform how businesses store and showcase their fresh produce. Brought to you by Ancaster Food Equipment, with over 30 years of expertise in the commercial refrigeration industry across the US and Canada, the AFE OC-48 represents the pinnacle of refrigeration technology and design. This product is not merely an appliance; it’s an essential asset for any establishment looking to enhance the appeal of its fresh offerings while maintaining optimal freshness.
The AFE OC-74 Open Case Refrigerator & Produce Cooler is a groundbreaking addition to Ancaster Food Equipment’s premium line of commercial refrigeration solutions. With over 30 years of expertise in refurbishing and selling commercial refrigeration products across the US and Canada, Ancaster Food Equipment proudly presents the AFE OC-74. This model epitomizes the pinnacle of refrigeration technology, design, and sustainability. Experience unparalleled cooling precision with the AFE OC-74, designed to transform how businesses display and preserve fresh produce.
Elevate the shopping experience within your commercial space with the Atosa AOM-40B Open Air Merchandiser, a fusion of superior design and innovative refrigeration technology. Designed for various settings, from bustling supermarkets to trendy cafes and even high-end corporate break rooms, the AOM-40B is not merely a refrigeration unit but a sophisticated display solution that keeps your products at the perfect temperature while inviting customer engagement and boosting sales.
Unlock the full potential of your commercial space with the innovative Atosa AOM-50B Open Air Merchandiser. This state-of-the-art refrigeration solution is meticulously designed to cater to businesses that prioritize both the aesthetic appeal and longevity of their products. Perfect for a wide range of settings, from bustling supermarkets to trendy cafes and even upscale break rooms, the AOM-50B is your partner in achieving optimal customer satisfaction and sales growth.
Introducing the Kool-It KOM-36SS, a state-of-the-art open-air merchandiser designed to transform how businesses display and preserve their products. With its robust construction and cutting-edge features, the KOM-36SS is more than just a refrigeration unit; it’s a strategic asset for any retail, hospitality, or food service establishment looking to enhance customer attraction and satisfaction through superior product visibility and freshness.
Elevate your business’s product presentation and preservation with the cutting-edge New Air NOM-40-S Open Air Merchandiser. Designed for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, this merchandiser is not just a refrigeration unit but a strategic asset. From retail stores to cafes and bakeries to corporate break rooms, the NOM-40-S offers unparalleled style, functionality, and efficiency.
Introducing the pinnacle of product display innovation: the New Air NOM-52-S. This 51″ open-air merchandiser is not just a refrigerator; it’s a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance how businesses showcase their offerings. With a spacious 24 cubic feet capacity and advanced features, the NOM-52-S stands out as a vital asset for retail, hospitality, or food service venues aiming to attract and satisfy customers through exceptional visibility and freshness of their products.
Introducing the Omcan 41469, a cutting-edge 48″ Open Refrigerated Display Case designed to elevate your product presentation while optimizing space and energy efficiency. Tailored for cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores, this floor display case merges superior visibility with user-friendly access, making it an indispensable asset for any retail or food service environment.
Introducing the Omcan 72″ Open Refrigerated Floor Display Case – 43460, a revolutionary addition to any commercial setting looking to amplify its product display while maintaining optimal freshness. Designed with the needs of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores in mind, this display case combines exceptional functionality with an eye-catching design to create an inviting atmosphere for customers.
Introducing the Refurbished True TAC-36 Open Case Refrigerator, a pinnacle of refrigeration excellence designed to showcase your products while ensuring they remain at the perfect temperature. This open-case refrigerator merges high-quality design with cutting-edge refrigeration technology, offering businesses an eco-friendly, efficient solution to enhance their merchandising strategy. Ideal for retail, hospitality, and any service-oriented industry, the True TAC-36 brings products to the forefront, captivating customers with its brilliant display capabilities.
Introducing the Refurbished True TAC-48 Open Case Refrigerator & Produce Cooler, a testament to True’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, energy-efficient refrigeration solutions that enhance product visibility and preservation. Designed for businesses that demand excellence in food and beverage display, the TAC-48 combines cutting-edge cooling technology with an aesthetically pleasing design to create an open-case cooler that meets the needs of today’s market.
Introducing the Refurbished True TAC-72, a pinnacle of refrigeration technology designed to transform how you display and preserve a wide array of products. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, the TAC-72 is a testament to True’s commitment to providing superior cooling solutions that meet the rigorous demands of retail environments. Ideal for businesses aiming to showcase their products in the most visually appealing and preserved condition, the TAC-72 is your ally in enhancing customer experience and sales.
Introducing the True TAC-14GS-LD, a premier air curtain merchandiser designed to revolutionize how businesses showcase and preserve their food and beverage offerings. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail using superior materials and components, this merchandiser not only ensures colder product temperatures and reduced utility costs but does so within an elegantly designed package that brilliantly highlights your products.

Enhancing Commercial Spaces with Open-Case Produce Coolers

Incorporating open-case produce coolers into your retail space can transform how customers interact with fresh fruits and vegetables. These coolers ensure that produce remains in peak condition, making it more inviting and accessible to shoppers. Choosing the right models for your store can optimize product visibility, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase sales. Our open-case produce coolers are essential for modern retail environments:

Optimal Freshness and Quality

Advanced refrigeration technologies maintain precise temperature and humidity levels, keeping produce fresh and extending shelf life. This not only preserves the nutrients and taste of fruits and vegetables but also reduces waste due to spoilage.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Open designs and effective lighting encourage customer interaction with the products, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat visits. This immediate access is invaluable in high-demand settings, ensuring your kitchen can efficiently keep up with customer orders.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy-efficient models reduce operational costs and environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals. By consuming less power without sacrificing performance, these units help reduce your kitchen’s operational costs and environmental footprint.

Versatile Display Options

From vertical and horizontal layouts to island displays, our range offers flexibility to fit various store layouts and design themes. Whether you need a refrigerator with prep space on the top or a simple undercounter unit for ingredient storage, we have the options to suit your requirements.

Durability and Reliability

Built to withstand the demands of busy retail environments, our coolers offer long-lasting performance and dependability. These units are designed to endure the daily demands of a busy commercial kitchen, ensuring durability and longevity.

Choose Your Open-Case Produce Cooler Today: Boost Freshness and Sales

Elevate the presentation and preservation of your produce with our selection of open-case produce coolers. Contact us to explore our products and find the perfect solution for your retail needs, enhancing both the shopping experience and your bottom line.


An open cooler, also known as an open-air merchandiser, is a refrigeration unit without doors designed to easily access and display perishable goods like beverages, produce, and prepared foods. It lets customers grab items quickly, enhancing the shopping experience with convenience and visibility.

Open-air coolers maintain cold temperatures by circulating chilled air throughout the unit using powerful fans and a refrigeration system. The constant airflow keeps the products cool, even without doors, ensuring the items remain fresh and safe for consumption.

A walk-in cooler is cooled using a refrigeration system that includes an evaporator inside the cooler to absorb heat and a condensing unit, often located outside, to release the absorbed heat. This system circulates refrigerant through the system to maintain constant, low temperatures inside the cooler.

The correct storage order in a refrigerator, from top to bottom, is ready-to-eat foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy and eggs, raw fish and seafood, raw whole cuts of beef and pork, and raw ground meat and poultry. This order minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, with items requiring the lowest cooking temperatures placed at the top.



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Commercial undercounter refrigerators are a popular choice for bars, restaurants and other locations that have limited floor space. Available in both solid door or glass door models, these undercounter coolers are compact enough to fit underneath a kitchen prep surface, bar or other countertop in your establishment.

Ancaster Food Equipment’s selection of undercounter coolers includes one door, two door and three door models with doors, drawers or combinations of both. If you don’t see your desired model online, please contact us and we will work with you to find the best undercounter cooler option for your business.


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