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At Ancaster Food Equipment we specialize in efficient, affordable commercial food cooling solutions. Your business faces challenges providing safe, efficient food storage for your customers. You need a glass door merchandiser that looks good while making your merchandise easily accessible for your customers. When you need efficient glass door merchandiser refrigerators for your shop or restaurant, our commercial glass door merchandisers are designed to look good, while keeping your food and drink safe.

Our complete line of commercial merchandisers is available at 50% of the cost of brand new units, yet we guarantee you’ll never sacrifice quality, durability, or customer satisfaction. When you need an affordable commercial glass door merchandiser, you can depend on Ancaster’s glass door merchandiser refrigerators to suit your needs and budget.

Merchandising Glass Door Refrigerators & Coolers

When you work with food products, you need high-quality, energy-efficient commercial glass door merchandisers to meet the needs of your customers. When you work with the Ancaster team you know you’ll find glass door merchandiser refrigerators that ensure you always sell fresh products and avoid unnecessary waste.

Feature of Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators

At Ancaster, our commercial refrigerators present your merchandise professionally. You’ll find the difference quality makes with reduced maintenance costs and improved energy savings. Features for our commercial glass door merchandisers include:

  • Retrofitted LED lights
  • New components including the compressor, controller, defrost heater, solenoid valve and drier filter
  • Set of casters
  • Frame rail fitted with leg levelers
  • Illuminated exterior sign panel available in a variety of sign options
  • Each door fitted with 12″ (305 mm) long extruded handle
  • Self-closing doors with positive seal, torsion type closure system.
  • Epoxy coated evaporator to eliminate the potential of corrosion
  • Convenient clean-out drain 
  • Listed under NSF-7 for the storage and/or display of packaged or bottled products.

Our commercial glass door merchandisers provide everything you need including 50% savings compared to a new commercial glass door merchandiser.

1 Door Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

When working in the food and beverage industry, it is vital to have a high-quality, energy-efficient glass door merchandiser refrigerator to meet the demands of your customers. Working with Ancaster Food Equipment guarantees you will have a display cooler that best fits your company and customers needs such as keeping your products fresh and avoiding unnecessary waste. Our fridges are considered durable, affordable and reliable, which make them the best choice for any business in the food and hospitality industry.

3 Door Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

At Ancaster Food Equipment, our 3-door refrigerators are designed to offer both style and efficiency. These triple door coolers are industry leading, long-lasting and efficient, while offering great savings. Our 3-door fridges offer maximum capacity that is most ideal for larger spaces and high inventory demand. They are the ultimate eco-friendly option that are dependable, as well as easily accessible. You can be confident you made the right decision for your business when you purchase a refrigerator from Ancaster.

2 Door Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we strive to provide the highest quality cooling products. Whether you are a grocery store, restaurant/cafe, or gas station, you need a durable commercial fridge you can rely on to provide fresh produce and beverages to your customers. Our two door glass door refrigerators are both energy and cost efficient in order to provide you with excellent standards. Our two-door coolers provide easy access and ample space for a variety of products, while still being aesthetically pleasing. This Kool-It 44.

Contact Ancaster Food Equipment

At Ancaster, we offer a team of commercial sliding door fridge experts supported by our certified technicians. We offer

  • Canada-wide shipping with next day shipping available for in-stock items
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured company
  • Extended warranty
  • Leasing options for your convenience

We strive to provide the highest quality commercial glass door merchandisers to meet the needs of your growing business.

For more information speak to our team today.

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