At Ancaster Food Equipment, our 3-door refrigerators are designed to offer both style and efficiency. These triple door coolers are industry leading, long-lasting and efficient, while offering great savings. Our 3-door fridges offer maximum capacity that is most ideal for larger spaces and high inventory demand. They are the ultimate eco-friendly option that are dependable, as well as easily accessible. You can be confident you made the right decision for your business when you purchase a refrigerator from Ancaster.


Kool-It’s 78” Glass Swing Door Refrigerator is designed for businesses with immense space that require storing a lot of products. With a capacity of 73 cubic feet, it offers matchless space and accessibility, while still being energy and cost saving. This three-door cooler has 15 shelves and exceptional lighting to help improve organization and visibility. All of this, in addition to constant air flow that keeps products at a regulated temperature between 33 and 41°F in order to ensure the freshest produce while avoiding unnecessary food waste.


  • Modern and attractive appearance for any kitchen
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene coated adjustable wire shelves
  • Double-pane locking glass doors are ergonomically designed and self-closing with easy grab
  • Plastic upper sign panel with lamp
  • CFC-free
  • Tight and efficient seal
  • Refrigerator holds 33 – 41°F for optimal preservation of food and beverages
  • High efficiency evaporators with oversized condensing units on all models
  • Digital temperature readout display with electronic thermostat control
  • LED interior lighting for total product display
  • ETL approved and confirms NSF 7 standards

Our Kool-It glass door merchandisers provide everything you need in a refrigeration system all packaged into a new commercial display merchandiser unit you would be proud to have.

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