Step 1
Ensure both freshwater and wastewater drainage valves (located on the bottom left side of the units) are in the closed position.
Step 2
Turn the water heater off by turning the temperature dial counterclockwise to the lowest temperature setting. Warning: Always disconnect unit from supply circuit before opening door. Never connect water heater to power source unless the hot water tank is full of water.
Step 3
Ensure both the heater and pump are securely plugged into the outlet inside the cabinet.
Step 4
Turn on both the hot and cold taps to release air through the lines.
Step 5
Using either the side filling point (Fill location 1) or by removing the hose on the lid (Fill location 2), fill the freshwater tank.
Step 6
Plug the sink into a dedicated electrical outlet. The pump will turn on and water will start to pass through the pump and into the heater. This will allow the heater to fill up with water. Note that when the water pressure reaches the faucet, it may create a sputtering noise. This is normal as air is being pushed from the water lines.
Step 7
When a steady stream of water passes through the faucet and the air bubbles are no longer present, turn the taps off.
Step 8
Turn the heater temperature up to your preferred setting. The heater will take approximately 10 minutes to produce hot water.
Step 9
Once the wastewater tank is full, drain it by opening the wastewater drainage valve on the bottom of the sink. If drainage access is unavailable, an optional wastewater Drainage Pump is available through Ancaster Food Equipment. See Optional Water Drainage Pump Instructions for more information.

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