In order to keep a portable sink in working condition, it must be stored correctly when not in use. This should be done at the end of summer, or early autumn to prepare for winter. Storing the unit in cold temperatures without proper care will cause any water in the lines, water heater and/or pump to freeze. This will cause damage and will void any applicable warranty. To prevent this from happening, users will need to purchase both a Cold Storage Kit sold trough Ancaster Food Equipment and an air compressor which can be found at a local hardware store. Both are necessary to move forward with the next steps and neither are included with purchase of the sink.

Step 1
Unplug the sink and open both taps.
Step 2
Untwist the ¾” steel braided hose from the freshwater tank, ensuring not to lose the gasket. This braided hose can be found in the cold storage kit.
Step 3
Screw the ¾” steel braided hose with the gasket onto the cold storage tube, also found in the cold storage kit.
Step 4
Plug the ¼” air adapter into an air compressor. Once plugged in, compressed air will blow water directly out of the heater, pump and lines. As the tank begins to empty, the water will begin to spit out of the hose and into the desired landing location. This is normal and should be no cause for concern.

It is crucial that the compressor air pressure must not exceed 40 PSI.

Portable handwashing sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out.

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