1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
Size of 1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
One door glass top chest freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
Size of 1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
One door glass top chest freezer

1 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer

  • Model # XS-160YX
  • One Sliding Door
  • Capacity: 160 litres
  • Temperature Range: <-18C
  • Width: 26 1/4"
  • Depth: 27 3/4"
  • Height: 34 1/2"
  • Set Of Casters - Free
  • One year manufacturer warranty

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Product placement is everything in retail — especially treats like ice cream. It’s the one food merchandise that practically sells itself because no one can resist a good scoop or an entire tub of both classic comfort flavors like chocolate and vanilla or bold and exciting gourmet finds. Ice cream is the ultimate “grab-and-go” merchandise that attracts customers when displayed in novelty freezers — and you need a reliable one to ensure both an enticing display and climate-controlled storage that seals in flavor.

Ancaster Food Equipment is the premier provider of novelty ice cream freezers for store display and product storage. Our selection of one-door chest freezers combines the best of attractive in-store displays and reliable climate-controlled storage to keep these delicious treats delightfully frozen.

The one-sliding-door novelty ice cream freezer features:

  • A temperature range of up to -18C for optimal frozen storage
  • Compact, space-saver dimensions: 26 in. wide, 27 in. deep, and 34 in. tall
  • LED lights
  • A compressor, defrost heaters, and controller
  • A free set of casters
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


The compact and lightweight design is the best feature of this energy-efficient ice cream freezer, and it’s perfect for packed store aisles and busy restaurants. The chest freezer also features generous storage and shelving while ensuring an enticing display guaranteed to stop ice cream lovers in their tracks.

Discover one-door chest freezers for all your ice cream display and storage needs:

  • Single sliding door: Full reach-in access and clear glass display
  • Ultimate space saver: Small footprint and compact storage and display for limited floor areas
  • Maximum storage: Stores up to 160 liters (5.6 cubic feet) of best-selling ice cream merchandise
  • Secure: Fitted with a built-in lock to secure products and prevent loss
  • Sleek exteriors: Painted white steel finish with gray plastic trim for a sleek and polished display
  • Budget-friendly freezer: Get the best store display and storage at an unbeatable price and high-quality refurbishing.


At Ancaster Food Equipment, we know commercial freezers just as well as ice cream lovers. We’ve employed our expert knowledge of commercial refrigeration to deliver top-rated novelty freezers.

We are committed to delivering quality novelty ice cream freezers that ensure optimal frozen food storage and effective in-store display. Trust us to provide a novelty freezer and turn your ice cream into best-selling merchandise.

Maximize Your Commercial Freezing with XS-160YX Glass Top Chest Freezer

Navigating through the wide range of top chest freezers available in the market can be daunting, especially when desiring to combine functionality and aesthetics in a commercial display chest freezer. Enter the XS-160YX – a versatile and sleekly designed single chest freezer that ticks all the boxes regarding reliability, design, and user-friendly operation. This freezer stands out not just as a storage solution but also as an appealing display unit.

Outstanding Features of the XS-160YX Glass Top Chest Freezer

Navigating through the labyrinth of commercial refrigeration might direct you toward the XS-160YX. This model epitomizes a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing design in the realm of glass top chest freezers. Tailored for businesses that necessitate a practical and visually appealing storage solution, this freezer doesn’t just secure your products; it displays them in a manner bound to captivate and entice your clientele. 

Ample Capacity: The XS-160YX model boasts a significant storage capacity of 160 liters, making it an impeccable choice for various commercial applications. It’s spacious enough to store many items, whether ice cream, frozen food, or perishables, without compromising their quality.

Optimal Temperature Control: Ensuring your goods are stored at the ideal temperature is paramount, especially for items like ice cream that demand optimal freezing conditions. The temperature controller of this glass top deep freezer effectively maintains a temperature of <-18C, ensuring all contents are kept in the prime state, making it especially notable among ice cream freezer dimensions.

Transparent Sliding Glass Top: The glass top chest freezer, XS-160YX, comes with a single sliding door crafted from durable, clear glass. This not only allows for easy access to the freezer’s contents but also serves as an effective commercial display, tempting potential buyers with a clear view of the tempting products inside.

Durable and User-friendly Design: Dimensions are crucial when selecting the perfect glass top freezer, and with a width of 26 1/4″, a depth of 27 3/4″, and a height of 34 1/2″, the XS-160YX ensures that it is spacious while still being compact enough to fit into various commercial spaces.

Uncompromised Quality and Reliability

The commercial application of the XS-160YX goes beyond the conventional glass chest freezer. It marries together the qualities of the best chest freezer with the straightforward accessibility and visual appeal of a glass door chest freezer. This model is not merely a cold storage unit but a strategic sales tool. It lets customers visually peruse your frozen offerings through the clear glass door deep freezer, enhancing their purchasing journey.

Mobile and Maintenance-friendly: This model also comes with a set of free casters, granting the user flexibility and convenience in terms of mobility. Moving your commercial glass lid chest freezer around the store for optimal customer interaction or simply for cleaning and maintenance purposes becomes a hassle-free task.

Secured with Warranty: Customer satisfaction and product reliability are paramount. Hence, the XS-160YX comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, assuring you peace of mind and signifying trust in the durability and functionality of the freezer.

In a Nutshell

When considering the various models of glass top freezers on the market, the XS-160YX stands out due to its thoughtful design, reliable functionality, and strategic features that preserve your products optimally and significantly enhance product visibility and customer engagement in a commercial setting.

In a world where every square inch of retail space is crucial, and customer interaction is key, this sliding glass lid chest freezer becomes an imperative tool, not just as a storage solution but as an active participant in your sales strategy. From its ample storage, aesthetic, and transparent display to reliable temperature maintenance, the XS-160YX aligns with all the desired features of a top-performing commercial display chest freezer.

Your frozen products deserve the best storage conditions and a prime display that enhances their appeal to customers, ensuring they are kept at the perfect temperature and sold in an optimally appealing environment.

Zero Financing

Ready to place your order? Contact one of our friendly customer service reps to answer any questions you may have or reserve your unit today! Ancaster Food Equipment has been in business for over 30 years and serves thousands of customers each year ranging from large restaurant brands to small businesses all across Canada and the USA. In addition to refrigerated pizza prep tables, Ancaster specializes in commercial glass door freezers, commercial refrigerators, portable sinks, industrial freezers, commercial upright freezers, ice cream freezers and more! Contact us today to have one of our knowledgeable representatives help you with your next project!


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Painted white steel finish


up to -18C for optimal frozen storage


Up to 160 litres (5.6 cubic feet)








One year manufacturer warranty