2 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
2 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
2 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer
2 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer

2 Door Glass Top Chest Freezer

  • Model # XS-360YX
  • Two Sliding Door
  • Capacity: 360 Litres
  • Temperature Range: <-18C
  • Width: 49 1/2"
  • Depth: 27 3/4"
  • Height: 34 1/2"
  • Set Of Casters - Free
  • One year manufacturer warranty

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Ice cream is the number one “grab-and-go” merchandise — customers can easily see it and reach into novelty freezers to grab their favorite treats. The combination of delicious flavors and effective product placement will definitely guarantee sales and increase store revenue. All you need to do is find the perfect commercial freezer to store these frozen treats and turn them into an eye-catching display.

At Ancaster Food Equipment, modern, energy-efficient commercial freezers are our business. Like you, we share a love of ice cream and understand its value as merchandise. Most of all, we want to help you sell it. Our selection of glass top chest freezers is designed to store ice cream and other frozen treats in climate-controlled storage and display these merchandise to entice customers. With a reliable ice cream freezer, you can maintain product quality that customers know and trust and successfully market these best-sellers for revenue.

Our two sliding-door novelty ice cream freezer features:

  • Frozen food-safe storage temperature of up to -18C
  • Generous storage capacity of up to 360 liters (12.7 cubic feet) of ice cream products
  • Two sliding door design offers a larger display surface area of best-sellers and simultaneous access to multiple customers and staff at a time
  • LED lights
  • A compressor unit, defrost heater, and controller
  • Free casters
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


Ancaster Food Equipment is the leading provider of novelty ice cream freezers. These commercial freezers feature high-quality performance at budget-friendly prices, making them the best option for energy-efficient ice cream storage and enticing store display.

The two-sliding door model is the perfect ice cream display freezer thanks to its large storage capacity and wide glass display. With optimal reach-in access, generous shelving, and sleek, compact exteriors, this glass-top chest freezer will easily fit busy store aisles and restaurants to ensure effective product placement.

Meet the two-sliding-door novelty ice cream freezer:

  • Easy access and enticing display: With two glass sliding doors, customers and staff have reach-in access to “grab-and-go”, and easily see available products and quantities for up-to-date restocking.
  • Increased storage capacity: Store and sell more ice cream than ever, up to 360 liters worth of best-selling ice cream and other frozen food merchandise.
  • Compact design: With two sliding doors and a box shape, this novelty freezer offers the best of generous storage capacity and display area while fitting in tight corners of busy stores and restaurants.
  • Product security: Our novelty ice cream freezers have a built-in lock to secure merchandise and avoid revenue loss.
  • Sleek exteriors: Features a painted white steel finish with a gray plastic trim to match any modern, polished retail environment.
  • Cost-effective: Our ice cream freezers ensure food-safe frozen storage and product display at all-time low market prices.


Ancaster Food Equipment is dedicated to supplying top-rated commercial chest freezers at the most affordable prices. We employ our commercial freezer equipment expertise and knowledge to deliver your food storage and display solutions.

These novelty ice cream freezers for sale are designed to deliver excellent, long-lasting function, as well as optimal frozen food storage and an enticing product display solution. Trust us to store and display ice cream and other frozen treats in our glass top chest freezers and turn them into best-sellers.


Presenting our top-of-the-range 2-door glass Top Chest Freezer, an unparalleled solution catering to your commercial and personal freezing needs. This sliding-door freezer is a dream come true for those in the food and beverage industry, especially those specializing in ice cream and other frozen delights.

Versatile & Functional Design

This commercial chest freezer features a sleek and versatile design, making it an essential addition to any commercial ice cream freezer market business. It sports a double sliding door feature, making access to your frozen products a breeze. The glass door display freezer is ideal for showcasing your ice cream novelties and a variety of other products, thereby enabling effortless product visibility and enhancing customer engagement.

Optimal Dimensions

With carefully considered ice cream freezer dimensions, this appliance is crafted to accommodate various ice cream fridge sizes, ensuring optimal storage without compromising space efficiency. Whether you own a small café or a large restaurant, our display chest freezer can meet your varied needs.

Robust and Elegant

With its glass top and sliding doors replacement option, this glass door chest freezer combines elegance and robustness and is designed to withstand the high demands of commercial usage. The sliding chest freezer doors glide seamlessly, allowing easy access while maintaining the desired temperature.

Multifunctional Usage

This freezer isn’t just limited to ice creams; its multifunctional design makes it an ideal ice cream cooler and a storage solution for various frozen products. Whether you want to display sorbets, gelatos, or any frozen novelties, this ice cream box freezer serves as a one-stop solution.

Pricing & Availability

This premium ice cream freezer is competitively priced, offering excellent value for its feature set. Contact us for the most current ice cream freezer price and availability or if you are looking for a second-hand ice cream display freezer.

Indulge in the convenience and functionality of our 2-door glass Top Chest Freezer, and elevate the display and storage of your frozen products to a new level!


The main difference between residential and commercial freezers is that the latter is typically larger and more versatile. Though residential freezers can hold enough food for an average-sized family, commercial freezers are the optimal choice for restaurants and cafes, storefronts, home-based businesses, and larger families. Commercial freezers are also physically sturdier and have more stable cooling to accommodate the continual industrial level of use that requires more powerful compressors and more accurate temperature controls.

To learn more about the differences before you make a purchase, you can read our blog.

Zero Financing

Ready to place your order? Contact one of our friendly customer service reps to answer any questions you may have or reserve your unit today! Ancaster Food Equipment has been in business for over 30 years and serves thousands of customers each year ranging from large restaurant brands to small businesses all across Canada and the USA. In addition to refrigerated pizza prep tables, Ancaster specializes in commercial glass door freezers, commercial refrigerators, portable sinks, industrial freezers, commercial upright freezers, ice cream freezers and more! Contact us today to have one of our knowledgeable representatives help you with your next project!


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Painted white steel finish with a gray plastic




360 Litres


27 3/4"


49 1/2"


34 1/2"


One year manufacturer warranty