Glass Top Ice Cream Freezer

  • Model #XS-700YX
  • Four 2" casters, 2 with locking capability
  • Material: Steel
  • 6 Wire baskets included for easy access
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

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The XS-700YX commercial ice cream freezer by Ancaster Food Equipment is a versatile merchandiser for showcasing popular treats and is designed to boost your impulse sales by keeping top-selling frozen novelties within reach. Shipped on pallet with a sleek frame and a made-for-convenience design, this machine will beautifully display your top-selling frozen goods as a stand alone unit, as part of a freezer island or in a line of multiple display freezers. Featuring a high-efficiency refrigeration system, a durable stainless steel design and a high-accessibility curved glass top display, the XS-700YX is a sure bet for safe frozen storage. To provide our customers with ample space for organizing food items, the XS-700YX ice cream freezer includes six (6) easy to clean, coated wire baskets. These baskets allow our customers to conveniently store small items like popscicles or ice-cream bars, making them easily accessible to customers. Another way we provide effortless access to your delectable frozen treats is with the freezer’s dual sliding tempered glass doors that boast a special Teflon-made grid, ensuring smooth operation particularly beneficial during peak sales hours. These doors not only provide convenience but also enhance visibility, attracting customers to your restaurant, store, or café resulting in increased impulse sales for your best-selling novelties. By incorporating low emissivity glass, also known as low-e glass, we significantly reduce your reliance on cooling systems, leading to substantial savings on your commercial utility bills. The inclusion of heat reflective door lids ensures that the cold air remains inside, while the freezer’s sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance. Ancaster Food Equipment knows that ensuring the proper storage temperature for your frozen merchandise is of utmost importance to preserve its quality. Improper storage can lead to changes in texture and flavor, particularly for highly perishable items like ice cream. That’s why our curved glass top display freezer is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial establishments. Powered by R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, our freezer guarantees consistent temperatures to keep your ice cream and other frozen treats perfectly chilled. Not only cost effective, this high-performance refrigerant boasts a zero ozone depletion potential and a low global warming potential of 3, making it environmentally friendly. By utilizing R290 refrigerant, our freezer achieves optimal cooling efficiency while reducing energy consumption ensuring a win-win situation for all eco and money conscious buyers! Our freezer incorporates high-quality poly foam insulation, renowned for its airtight properties, versatility, and energy-saving capabilities. This polyurethane insulation not only helps to regulate temperatures effectively but also enhances the unit’s structural integrity. The exterior of the freezer features white powder-coated steel with gray plastic trim and door frames making it a great neutral option regardless of your store’s decor, while the interior walls constructed of white pre-coated steel further contribute to the freezer’s durability. For effortless mobility, our freezer comes with four (4) preinstalled low-profile casters, two (2) of which have brakes. This allows store employees to easily move the unit as needed – whether to reorganize or to clean underneath the unit – while ensuring stability when stationary for the safety of staff and customers alike. The freezer also features a rear drain plug for manual defrosting, and its ventilated design ensures hassle-free maintenance of the condenser. The unit is ETL-S certified, meeting industry standards for quality and safety.

  • Model #XS-700YX
  • 700 Litre / 24.72 cubic feet capacity
  • Temperature range of <18 C / <0.4F
  • Color: White
  • Material: Steel
  • Width: 78.75″
  • Depth: 29.75″
  • Height: 32.25″
  • Weight: 265 lbs
  • Four 2″ casters, 2 with locking capability
  • 6 Wire baskets included for easy access
  • Electrical (Voltage): 115 V / 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labour
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700 Litre / 24.72 cubic feet capacity


range of <18 C / <0.4F

Electrical (Voltage)

115 V / 60 Hz


1 Year Parts & Labour