AFE SF47 Two Solid Door Commercial Freezer: Excellence in Freshness

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  • Unwavering Temperature Consistency: It's not just about cooling; it's about maintaining the perfect temperature throughout. The AFE SF47 commercial freezer ensures products remain fresh and at optimal conditions, guaranteeing reduced spoilage and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Maximized Storage Potential: Catering to businesses that require significant storage solutions, the AFE SF47 commercial upright freezer offers organized and efficient storage, making product retrieval a breeze.
  • Durable Design Built for the Long-Haul: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial establishments, this industrial freezer promises longevity, making it a wise investment for any business.

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Introducing the AFE SF47 Two Solid Door Commercial Upright Freezer

Elevate your storage game with the AFE SF47 – the zenith of industrial refrigeration engineering. This commercial upright freezer is designed with businesses in mind and provides optimal cooling solutions, merging efficiency with a spacious design. Its sturdy build is both an aesthetic statement and a testament to its durability.

Ancaster Food Equipment is rooted in innovation and quality and continues its legacy, which resonates across North America. As pioneers in commercial refrigeration, we’ve established benchmarks that others aspire to achieve. The AFE SF47 Two Solid Door Commercial Freezer reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Physical Attributes

  • Doors
    • The dual-hinged doors offer effortless access while ensuring a reliable temperature seal, curbing potential cool air loss.
  • Shelves
    • Comes equipped with 6 robust and adjustable shelves, providing versatility to accommodate various storage needs.
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Exterior: Brilliantly sized at 54” (W) x 32.25” (D) x 82.5” (H).
    • Interior: Ample space with dimensions of 49.4″ (W) x 27.1″ (D) x 51.6″ (H).
    • A testament to its solid construction, the freezer boasts a net weight of 452 lbs.
  • Shipping Information
    • Carefully packed with dimensions of 56.5” (W) x 34.5” (D) x 84.5” (H).
    • Gross Weight: 536 lbs, assuring safe transit to your location.

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Configuration: Crafted for stability and seamless operation, the AFE SF47 uses a well-matched electrical configuration that harmoniously operates on 115V/60Hz/1ph, ensuring compatibility with standard industrial or commercial setups.
  • Plug Type: To ensure safety and ease of connection, the AFE SF47 comes equipped with a standardized NEMA 5-20P plug, facilitating quick setups and reducing downtime.
  • Amperage: With a precise electrical design in focus, the commercial freezer efficiently runs at 10.7 Amps, reflecting our commitment to performance without compromising energy conservation
  • Compressor: The heart of any industrial freezer, our robust 1.25 HP compressor promises and delivers consistent cooling. It’s designed to weather the demands of a busy commercial environment, ensuring that the temperatures inside remain unwavering, preserving the freshness of your products.
  • Refrigerant: Staying true to our promise of quality and environmental responsibility, we have chosen the R290 refrigerant. This environmental-friendly refrigerant ensures efficient cooling and plays a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Applicable Ventures

The AFE SF47 Two Solid Door Commercial Upright Freezer is tailored to serve diverse ventures, ensuring optimal freshness and longevity for various products. Its versatility and performance make it indispensable for various commercial or industrial settings:

Large-Scale Restaurants and Cafes: Whether it’s preserving gourmet ingredients or frozen specialty dishes, the AFE SF47 offers the reliability that every culinary establishment craves.

Commercial Food Processing Units: With a robust freezing capacity, this commercial freezer is ideal for industries requiring bulk storage and consistent product freezing conditions.

Healthcare Institutions: Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities can utilize the AFE SF47 for preserving critical items like medical samples, medications, and other temperature-sensitive materials.

Retail Grocery Chains: The AFE SF47 is a robust solution for supermarkets and grocery stores, offering ample space for a wide variety of frozen goods, from ice creams to frozen veggies and meats.

Bakeries and Patisseries: For establishments that deal with frozen dough, pastries, or other temperature-sensitive desserts, this commercial freezer offers the perfect preservation environment.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from the freezer’s ample storage capacity for their cafeterias, ensuring fresh and safe meals for students and staff.

Pharmaceutical Companies: The AFE SF47 industrial freezer can be a reliable tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, ensuring that drugs and other temperature-sensitive products remain in optimal conditions.

Zero Financing

Warranty and Support

  • Comprehensive Warranty: Comes standard with a one-year parts & service warranty and a three-year warranty on the compressor. Extended warranty options are available for up to 2 years for parts & service and 5 years for the compressor.
  • Assured Longevity: Our warranty mirrors our belief in the product’s resilience and performance.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Ancaster ensures that help is always available through various communication channels.

The AFE SF47 Two Solid Door Commercial Freezer is more than just a commercial upright freezer; it’s a commitment from Ancaster to its clientele. A promise of quality, efficiency, and unwavering support. Elevate your establishment’s operations by choosing AFE today.


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Two Hinged



Cubic feet


Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH)

54” x 32.25” x 82.5”

Interior Dimensions (WxDxH)

49.4” x 27.1” x 51.6”

Net Weight (lbs)

452 lbs

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH)

56.5” x 34.5” x 84.5”

Gross Weight (lbs)

536 lbs



Plug Type

NEMA 5-20P



Compressor HP

1.25 HP




One year parts & service warranty, 3 years on the compressor
Extended warranty available to 2 years parts & service, 5 years on the compressor