Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-72 Refurbished True® Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-72 Refurbished True® Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Three Glass Door Floral White Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-72 Refurbished True® Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-72 Refurbished True® Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Three Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Three Glass Door Floral White Cooler

Refurbished True® Refrigerator: GDM-72 3-Glass Door Floral Cooler: A Symphony in Floral Preservation

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  • Includes 100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)
  • Shipping across Canada & US
  • Completely refurbished with brand new OEM parts
  • Looks and works like brand new!
  • Save 50% off the cost of equivalent new model

Model Number: 898937000633
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Ancaster Food Equipment has championed the refurbishing scene for commercial flower coolers across Canada and the USA for over three decades, cementing our reputation as North America’s foremost refurbisher. Our collection boasts an extensive range of floral coolers from True®, a vanguard in commercial refrigeration. If your quest is for a top-tier system, our refurbished True® commercial three-door floral cooler might just be the answer. With a legacy of aiding numerous flower shops in securing top-notch equipment without breaking the bank, we invite you to request references from our satisfied clientele!

Dive into a realm of exceptional floral preservation with our Refurbished True® GDM-72 3-Glass Door Floral Cooler. A harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, this cooler is your gateway to unmatched quality at an unparalleled price.

Key Features of Our Flower Cooler

  • Revitalized to Perfection: Every GDM-72 cooler undergoes a comprehensive refurbishment process using brand-new OEM parts. It’s not just about efficiency—it’s about reflecting a pristine aura.
  • Harmony in Design Choices: Whether you fancy a classic black or a sleek white, our color options ensure a perfect blend with any decor, elevating your space’s ambiance.
  • Generously Spacious: Dimensions of 78 1/8″ width, 29 7/8″ depth, and 79 3/8″ height provide ample storage without overwhelming your premise. With a robust weight of 680 lbs, stability is guaranteed.
  • Environmentally Conscious Cooling: The eco-friendly R134a refrigerant protects our planet while ensuring your blossoms stay in bloom.
  • Universal Electrical Compatibility: With an operating system of 115V, 60Hz, 1ph, and the provision of a NEMA 5-15P plug, integration into any standard electrical setup is effortless.
  • Economic Excellence: Get the crème de la crème of floral coolers without burning a hole in your pocket. Relish savings of up to 50% compared to new models.

Unbeatable Offers from Ancaster Food Equipment

  • Flexible Payment, Unlimited Possibilities: Financial hurdles should never compromise quality. Our leasing and financing options are tailored to ensure you get the best without stress. Dial us for intricate details!
  • Extended Assurance: Our commitment to your peace of mind is evident. Relish a comprehensive 2-year parts and service warranty, with an added 7-year coverage on the compressor.
  • Pan-Nation Delivery: Your flower cooler is assured safe and timely delivery, whether in Canada or the US.
  • Authentic Resurgence: We believe in authentic restoration. Our use of brand-new OEM parts ensures every unit operates and appears as if it’s fresh from the factory.

Our techs meticulously restore each refrigerator using only authentic OEM parts, ensuring that your Refurbished True® floral cooler operates as flawlessly as it did when it left the factory. We comprehensively rejuvenate all mechanical and electrical components, replacing them regardless of the functionality of the original parts. This covers:

  • Brand New OEM Compressor
  • New drier
  • Virgin refrigerant
  • New acrylic signage
  • Complete interior and exterior cosmetic makeover
  • New OEM Fan Motors
  • New OEM Temperature Control and Probes
  • New LED lighting system
  • New control relays

Our dedicated team expertly sands and re-vinyls the exterior of each unit, delivering a pristine appearance akin to a brand-new three-door flower cooler upon arrival. Every refurbished True® three-glass door refrigerator we offer is meticulously sterilized, ensuring it’s odor-free and dispelling any hygiene worries.

Each of our products is backed by a robust 2-year warranty covering parts and service and an extended 7-year warranty for the compressor, offering you peace of mind and shielding you from unforeseen repair expenses.

Zero Financing

Why Choose the Refurbished True® GDM-72 Floral Cooler from Ancaster Food Equipment?

Selecting the ideal floral preservation equipment can make or break the longevity of your blossoms. Discover why the Refurbished True® GDM-72 Floral Cooler offered by Ancaster Food Equipment is the ideal choice:

Floral First

The True® GDM-72 coolers we offer are explicitly engineered with floral needs in mind. They boast temperature and humidity settings tailored to meet the demands of a wide range of floral species, from roses to orchids. This meticulous design ensures that each flower maintains its intrinsic beauty and freshness for an extended period.

A Greener Choice

Opting for our refurbished coolers doesn’t just grant significant savings; they are also fine-tuned for energy efficiency. By selecting the GDM-72 from our collection, you’re making a conscious choice towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices, echoing the values of a modern business.

Personalized Storage

The coolers we provide come equipped with adaptable shelving solutions, ensuring florists can organize their floral collection as per their needs. Such tailored storage ensures optimal airflow and ease of access to various flower types and arrangements.

Even-Temperature Assurance

Blossoms can be sensitive to even the slightest temperature variances. The GDM-72 we offer ensures a consistent cooling environment, preserving the beauty of your flowers by averting potential thermal hazards.

Elegance Personified

More than just a cooler, the GDM-72 is an aesthetic delight. With its stylish design and top-notch functionality, it serves as an elegant centerpiece in any space, all while preserving your flowers to perfection.

Durability Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of the products we offer. Every GDM-72 cooler undergoes strict quality assurance processes, ensuring it meets, if not surpasses, industry benchmarks. Rest easy knowing you’re investing in a product built to last.

Relentless Support

At Ancaster Food Equipment, our dedication to our customers remains paramount. From the point of sale to any after-sales inquiries or concerns, our expert team stands ready to offer assistance, ensuring smooth operations for your floral endeavors.

Premium Features, Budget Price

The GDM-72, with its state-of-the-art features such as digital temperature controls and UV-protective glass, offers luxury without a luxury price tag. Through Ancaster Food Equipment, experience top-tier quality at a fraction of the cost.

The Refurbished True® GDM-72 Flower Cooler, as presented by Ancaster Food Equipment, embodies this harmony to perfection. By converging tailored design, energy efficiency, adaptability, and aesthetic prowess, it emerges as an investment that champions both the vitality of your flowers and the values of your business. It’s not merely a product but a testament to quality, dedication, and innovation.

Here are some tips to assist in your search:

  • Most flowers and plants should be stored at 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain freshness.
  • In addition to being stored in cool conditions, cut flowers must be stored in humid environments to avoid drying out.
  • Our floral coolers come with swing doors that are self-closing. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Humidity levels in most refrigeration units can fall below 10 percent if the door remains closed most of the time. The humidity in flower coolers is typically set between 80 and 95 percent to keep flowers at their best.
  • Our flower coolers are available in various sizes, e.g., one-, two-, and three-section models. In addition, these systems can be up to 80 inches wide.
  • Custom settings to meet the unique requirements of each business and type of flower.
  • Our flower coolers come with self-closing swing doors. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Our floral coolers feature clear glass panels, offering excellent visibility on all sides.
  • If you plan to buy a floral refrigeration system, ensure the product is a specially designed floral cooler.
  • Food and beverages should never be stored in a cooler for flowers because high humidity in cabinets promotes the growth of bacteria, which leads to a health code violation.

Benefits of Floral Coolers

Floral preservation is an art and science. Delve into the critical role flower coolers play in ensuring every petal, every leaf, and every bud stays in its prime:

Extended Freshness

Flowers, though beautiful, are perishable. With the right environment, their lifespan can be significantly enhanced. Floral coolers are engineered to provide this exact environment, ensuring blossoms maintain their vibrancy and freshness for extended periods.

Optimal Humidity Control

Flowers thrive in balanced moisture levels. Too dry, and they wilt; too humid, and they risk mold growth. Floral coolers strike the perfect balance, ensuring the ambient humidity is just right for preserving the flowers’ pristine condition.

Consistent Temperatures

The cellular integrity of flowers is sensitive to temperature variations. By maintaining a stable temperature, flower coolers ensure every petal and leaf remains lush and vibrant, minimizing the risk of premature wilting or discoloration.

Protection and Display

While the primary function is preservation, these coolers also double up as elegant display units. The clear glass doors not only protect the flowers from external contaminants but also present them in a captivating manner. This visual appeal can entice customers and amplify sales for businesses.

Beyond their functional essence, floral coolers play an indispensable role in the intricate dance of floral preservation. They are the unsung heroes that work behind the scenes, ensuring each flower reaches its maximum potential in beauty and lifespan regardless of its type or origin. Their sophisticated design caters to the delicate nuances of floral biology, offering protection, optimal environments, and a stage for these natural masterpieces to shine.


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Shipping across Canada & US


100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)


Black, White


29 7/8"


78 1/8"


79 3/8"


680 lbs



Electrical (Voltage)

115V, 60Hz, 1ph, NEMA 5-15P