GDM-23 Refurbished True® One Glass Door Floral Cooler
One Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment One Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment One Glass Door Floral White Cooler
GDM-23 Refurbished True® One Glass Door Floral Cooler
One Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment One Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment One Glass Door Floral White Cooler

Refurbished True® GDM-23 1-Glass Door Floral Cooler: Breathe New Life into Your Floral Displays

Leasing & Financing Options Available. Call us for more details!
  • Includes 100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)
  • Shipping across Canada & US
  • Completely refurbished with brand new OEM parts
  • Looks and works like brand new!
  • Save 50% off the cost of equivalent new model

Model Number: 898937000602
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With three decades of dedication to businesses throughout Canada and the USA, Ancaster Food Equipment stands as North America’s premier commercial flower cooler refurbishing specialist. We proudly present the most extensive range of floral coolers from True®, a titan in the commercial refrigeration sector. Should you seek a top-tier system crafted from the finest materials, consider our refurbished True® one-door floral cooler. Over our illustrious 30-year history, countless flower shops have reaped the benefits of cost-effective, high-quality equipment.

Elegance, efficiency, and affordability come together in this like-new True® Refrigerator. Perfectly designed to keep your florals fresh and vibrant, this refurbished unit promises both functionality and style for your business.

Key Features of Our Flower Cooler

  • Condition: Like-New. Every refurbished unit is carefully restored using brand-new OEM parts, ensuring it looks and functions as if it just rolled out of the factory.
  • Aesthetic: Choose between our sleek black or pristine white models to perfectly fit your store or space’s ambiance.
  • Size & Weight: With dimensions of 27″ width, 29 7/8″ depth, and 78 5/8″ height, and weighing in at 315 lbs, this unit is crafted to maximize storage without taking up unnecessary room.
  • Energy Efficient: Uses the eco-friendly R134a refrigerant to keep your flowers at the optimum temperature without breaking the bank or harming the planet.
  • Electrical Specs: This model operates at 115V, 60Hz, 1ph, and features a NEMA 5-15P plug type, making it compatible with most standard outlets.
  • Cost-Effective: Why buy new when you can save up to 50% with this refurbished model? Not only will it look and work like brand new, but your wallet will also thank you.

Exclusive Offers from Ancaster Food Equipment

  • Flexible Payment: We understand the challenges of business financing. That’s why we offer both leasing and financing options tailored to suit your needs. Give us a call for more details!
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Our confidence in the quality of this unit is unshakeable. Enjoy a 100% parts and service warranty for 2 years. And for peace of mind, we’ve extended the compressor’s coverage for an unbeatable 7 years.
  • Nationwide Shipping: Whether you’re located in Canada or the US, we’ve got you covered. With our reliable shipping service, you’ll have your True® Refrigerator at your doorstep in no time.
  • Value for Money: With savings of up to 50% off the cost of the equivalent new model, you get premium quality without the premium price tag.

Our technicians meticulously restore each flower cooler using only authentic OEM parts, ensuring your Refurbished True® cooler performs just as fresh from the factory. Every mechanical and electrical component is rejuvenated, regardless of its prior condition. This encompasses:

  • Brand New OEM Compressor
  • New drier
  • Virgin refrigerant
  • New acrylic signage
  • Complete interior and exterior cosmetic makeover
  • New OEM Fan Motors
  • New OEM Temperature Control and Probes
  • New LED lighting system
  • New control relays

Our team also sands down the exterior and re-vinyls each unit, so it looks like a brand new one-door floral cooler when you receive it. We ensure all our refurbished True® floral coolers are sterilized and odorless, eliminating all sanitation concerns.

All our products come with a full warranty of 2 years for parts and service & 7 years for the compressor so that you don’t have to worry about absorbing the cost of expensive repairs. If you’re still wondering if TRUE®’s one-door flower cooler is right for you, consider the price – the equivalent brand-new model costs over double the refurbished price!

  • Our flower coolers are available in a wide range of sizes, e.g., one-, two-, and three-section models. In addition, these systems can be up to 80 inches wide.
  • Our flower coolers come with self-closing swing doors. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Custom settings to meet the unique requirements of each business and type of flower.
Zero Financing

The Distinctive Excellence of Ancaster’s Refurbished True® Floral Coolers

The grace of fresh flowers demands an equally elegant storage solution. While floral coolers are pivotal in maintaining the beauty of blooms, the refurbished True® coolers from Ancaster Food Equipment add an exceptional layer of perfection. Here’s what sets these coolers a class apart:

Unparalleled Temperature & Humidity Mastery

Ancaster’s refurbished True® floral coolers are intricately tuned to maintain specific temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring flowers remain fresh, radiant, and free from damaging condensation.

A Commitment to Green Excellence

Environmental responsibility is at the core of Ancaster’s mission. Besides delivering top-notch performance, the flower coolers are energy-efficient, reflecting both savings and sustainability.

Adaptable Storage Systems

Recognizing the diverse needs of florists, Ancaster provides customizable shelving within their coolers, allowing for optimal floral arrangement and ensuring delicate care for each bloom.

Cutting-Edge Airflow Mechanism

Hotspots can be detrimental to floral freshness. Ancaster’s refurbished True® coolers come with a state-of-the-art airflow design, ensuring consistent and even cooling throughout.

Sophisticated Design Aesthetics

Beyond their functional prowess, these coolers are visually striking. Their modern and sleek design elevates the ambiance of any floral setup, creating an inviting and premium experience for patrons.

Enduring Craftsmanship

The flower coolers, built with superior materials, epitomize both efficiency and durability. These units are designed to serve florists reliably for years on end.

Stellar Service and Support

Beyond offering impeccable coolers, Ancaster is synonymous with exceptional post-purchase support. Any concerns are promptly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

Innovations at the Forefront

Keeping pace with technological evolution, Ancaster equips its refurbished True® coolers with modern features like digital temperature readouts, auto-defrost mechanisms, and protective UV shielding.

Choosing a refurbished True® cooler from Ancaster Food Equipment is to opt for unmatched quality, innovation, and commitment in the floral preservation realm. It’s not just about offering a cold space for flowers; it’s about delivering an environment where beauty thrives unabated. With Ancaster, florists aren’t merely storing flowers but celebrating them.

Here are some tips to assist in your search:

  • Most flowers and plants should be stored at 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain freshness.
  • In addition to being stored in cool conditions, cut flowers also need to be stored in humid environments to avoid drying out.
  • Humidity levels in most refrigeration units can fall below 10 percent if the door remains closed most of the time. The humidity in flower coolers is typically set between 80 and 95 percent to keep flowers at their best.
  • If you plan to buy a floral refrigeration system, ensure the product is a specially designed flower cooler.
  • Food and beverages should never be stored in a cooler for flowers because high humidity in cabinets promotes the growth of bacteria, which leads to a health code violation.

Benefits of Floral Coolers

Flower coolers, specifically designed to preserve fresh flowers, offer an array of advantages for florists and floral enthusiasts alike. The importance of maintaining blooms’ freshness, vibrancy, and longevity cannot be overstated. Here are the key benefits of using a floral cooler:

Extended Flower Life

One of the primary benefits of flower coolers is the extension of the life of the flowers. By providing an optimal environment, these coolers can significantly prolong the freshness and beauty of blooms, allowing them to remain saleable and stunning for a longer duration.

Optimal Humidity Levels

Unlike standard refrigeration units, flower coolers are calibrated to maintain a specific humidity level, preventing flowers from drying out. This ensures the petals remain soft and full and the stems stay crisp.

Consistent Temperature

Fluctuating temperatures can be detrimental to flowers. Floral chillers provide a stable, cool environment that is essential for preserving the vibrancy and structure of delicate blooms.

Prevention of Ethylene Gas Damage

Flowers produce ethylene gas, which can accelerate the aging process of other blooms. A floral cooler’s specialized ventilation system effectively disperses this gas, preventing premature wilting or browning.

Protection from External Elements

Flowers are sensitive to external factors like dust, pests, and varying external temperatures. Floral fridges act as a protective barrier, ensuring the blooms are shielded from these potentially harmful elements.

Organized Display & Storage

With customizable shelving and clear glass doors, floral coolers offer an organized display system. This not only makes it easier for florists to access and manage their inventory but also presents an appealing visual for customers.

Energy Efficiency

Modern floral coolers are designed with energy conservation in mind. They operate efficiently, maintaining the right temperature without consuming excessive power, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Enhanced Sales Appeal

A well-organized, brightly lit flower cooler can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a flower shop. The vibrant display of fresh flowers can attract customers and boost sales.

Specialized Design

Unlike generic refrigeration units, floral coolers are designed keeping the specific needs of flowers in mind. This includes features like anti-condensation systems to prevent water buildup, which could harm blooms.

Value for Investment

Considering the extended life of flowers, energy savings, and potential increase in sales, floral coolers prove to be a valuable investment for any florist or floral business.

Floral coolers are more than just a storage solution; they are essential in preserving the art and beauty of nature’s finest creations. Whether you’re a professional florist or someone who cherishes the allure of fresh flowers, investing in a flower cooler ensures that every petal remains as enchanting as intended.

  • Our floral coolers come with swing doors that are self-closing. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Our flower coolers feature clear glass panels, offering excellent visibility on all sides.
  • Exterior – non-peel or chip white laminated vinyl durable and permanent.
  • Frame rail fitted with leg levelers
  • Interior – attractive, NSF-approved, white aluminum liner with 300 series stainless steel floor
  • Custom settings to meet the unique requirements of each business and type of flower.
  • Our flower coolers come with self-closing swing doors. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Each door is fitted with a 12″ (305 mm) long extruded handle.
  • Self-closing doors. Positive seal, torsion type closure system.
  • Illuminated exterior sign panel. A variety of sign options available.


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Shipping across Canada & US


100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)


Black, White


29 7/8"




78 5/8"


315 lbs



Electrical (Voltage)

115V, 60Hz, 1ph, NEMA 5-15P