Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-49 Refurbished True® Two Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Two Glass Door Floral Cooler
Two Glass Door Floral White Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Two Glass Door Floral White Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment GDM-49 Refurbished True® Two Glass Door Floral Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Two Glass Door Floral Cooler
Two Glass Door Floral White Cooler
Ancaster Food Equipment Two Glass Door Floral White Cooler

Refurbished True® Refrigerator: GDM-49 2-Glass Door Floral Cooler: The Ultimate Floral Freshness Experience

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  • Includes 100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)
  • Shipping across Canada & US
  • Completely refurbished with brand new OEM parts
  • Looks and works like brand new!
  • Save 50% off the cost of equivalent new model

Model Number: 898937000626
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For the past three decades, Ancaster Food Equipment has been the go-to choice for businesses throughout Canada and the USA, making us North America’s leading refurbisher of commercial flower coolers. We boast an unparalleled range of floral coolers crafted by True®, the gold standard in commercial refrigeration. If a premium-quality system is what you’re after, consider our refurbished True® commercial two-door floral cooler. Our notable journey has empowered countless flower shops to maximize savings without skimping equipment quality. We’d be delighted to provide references upon request!

Experience unparalleled floral preservation with our refurbished True® Refrigerator. A harmonious blend of elegance and efficiency, this floral cooler delivers unmatched quality at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features of Our Flower Cooler

  • Pristine Appearance: Each unit undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process using brand-new OEM parts. The result? A floral cooler that doesn’t just perform impeccably but radiates an unrivaled elegance.
  • Sophisticated Palette: Our sleek black and immaculate white color options are meticulously chosen to suit diverse interiors. Whether you seek a modern minimalist look or a classic ambiance, our palette caters to all.
  • Generous Proportions: Measuring 54 1/8″ in width, 29 7/8″ in depth, and 78 5/8″ in height, this cooler provides ample storage space, ensuring every floral arrangement finds its spot. Despite its spacious interior, its sturdy 470 lbs frame stands unwavering, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Eco-Conscious Cooling: Our use of the eco-friendly R134a refrigerant not only ensures prolonged freshness for your flowers but also underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s a blend of performance and sustainability.
  • Universal Electrical Interface: Designed for utmost convenience, it operates without a hitch at 115V, 60Hz, 1ph. With a NEMA 5-15P plug, there’s no need for specialized electrical setups, ensuring hassle-free installation.
  • Economical Luxury: Dive into a realm where the luxury of premium cooling meets cost-effectiveness. With savings of up to 50% compared to new models, quality no longer demands a premium.

Unbeatable Offers from Ancaster Food Equipment

  • Tailored Payment Solutions: Financial flexibility is pivotal in modern commerce. We’ve tailored our leasing and financing options to fit diverse budgetary requirements, ensuring top-tier quality is always within reach. No more compromises, just personalized solutions.
  • Extended Assurance: Our comprehensive 2-year parts and service warranty is a testament to our confidence in the product. The additional 7-year coverage on the compressor emphasizes our dedication to providing long-term value and peace of mind.
  • Expansive Delivery Network: We recognize the anticipation that accompanies a purchase. Hence, our extensive delivery network spanning Canada and the US is geared to ensure that your floral cooler reaches your doorstep promptly, securely, and without any hitches.
  • Genuine Renewal: Authenticity is the cornerstone of our refurbishment process. Committing to the exclusive use of brand-new OEM parts ensures each unit is rejuvenated to its prime, radiating an aura of pristine newness.

Our fully refurbished two-door flower cooler services include a thorough unit overhaul by our certified technicians. Our techs replace every flower cooler component with genuine OEM parts, so your Refurbished True® cooler works exactly as it did when it rolled off the assembly line. All mechanical and electrical components are stripped and replaced whether the original part works! This includes:

  • Brand New OEM Compressor
  • New drier
  • Virgin refrigerant
  • New acrylic signage
  • Complete interior and exterior cosmetic makeover
  • New OEM Fan Motors
  • New OEM Temperature Control and Probes
  • New LED lighting system
  • New control relays

Our dedicated team meticulously sands and re-vinyls the exterior of each unit, ensuring it arrives with the pristine appearance of a brand-new floral cooler. Every refurbished True® flower refrigerator we offer undergoes a thorough sterilization process, leaving it odor-free and dispelling any hygiene concerns. For added peace of mind, all our products are backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty for parts and service and an extended 7-year warranty for the compressor, safeguarding you from unexpected repair expenses.

If you’re still wondering if TRUE®’s two-door flower cooler is right for you, consider the price – the equivalent brand-new model costs over double the refurbished price!

Zero Financing

Why Choose the Refurbished True® GDM-49 Floral Cooler from Ancaster Food Equipment?

Navigating the world of floral preservation solutions can be daunting. Amidst myriad options, the Refurbished True® GDM-49 Floral Cooler emerges as a beacon of excellence. Let’s explore the nuances that set this cooler apart, making it a treasured asset for florists and flower aficionados alike.

Tailored for Florals

Flowers deserve specialized care with their delicate and distinct preservation needs. This cooler, curated and sold by us, is meticulously optimized to balance temperature and humidity, preserving the freshness and vibrancy of each petal.

Eco-Conscious Excellence

Ancaster Food Equipment champions sustainability. This cooler’s energy-efficient components reflect our eco-dedication, marrying floral wellness with planetary care.

Adaptable Storage Dynamics

We understand the varied requirements of florists. Hence, this cooler boasts adjustable shelving, offering a customizable storage landscape adaptable to diverse floral assortments.

Unwavering Temperature Uniformity

The nemesis of flowers? Fluctuating temperatures. This cooler is designed to thwart temperature inconsistencies, guaranteeing uniform cooling throughout its expanse.

A Symphony of Design & Function

Beyond its cooling prowess, this True® flower cooler is a masterpiece of design. Its contemporary elegance accentuates any space it graces.

Reliability Redefined

Every cooler that Ancaster Food Equipment offers is backed by rigorous quality assurance. This ensures that florists receive a product and a promise of durability and peak performance.

Service Beyond the Sale

Our commitment extends beyond transactions. Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is mirrored in our top-tier post-purchase support, where every concern finds resolution.

Advanced Features, Accessible Pricing

While brimming with features like digital temperature displays, auto-defrost, and UV-resistant glass, this cooler, when procured from Ancaster, epitomizes the fusion of luxury with affordability.

When it comes to marrying technological prowess with a nuanced understanding of floral needs, the Refurbished True® GDM-49 Floral Cooler, offered by Ancaster Food Equipment, stands unparalleled. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in quality, commitment, and floral brilliance.

Here are some tips to assist in your search:

  • Most flowers and plants should be stored at 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain freshness.
  • In addition to being stored in cool conditions, cut flowers also need to be stored in humid environments to avoid drying out.
  • Humidity levels in most refrigeration units can fall below 10 percent if the door remains closed most of the time. The humidity in flower coolers is typically set between 80 and 95 percent to keep flowers at their best.
  • If you plan to buy a floral refrigeration system, ensure the product is a specially designed floral cooler.
  • Food and beverages should never be stored in a cooler for flowers because high humidity in cabinets promotes the growth of bacteria, which leads to a health code violation.
  • Our flower coolers are available in a wide range of sizes, e.g., one-, two-, and three-section models. In addition, these systems can be up to 80 inches wide.
  • Our floral coolers come with swing doors that are self-closing. These units help florists conserve space.
  • Our flower coolers feature clear glass panels to offer excellent visibility on all sides.
  • Custom settings to meet the unique requirements of each business and type of flower.
  • Our flower coolers come with self-closing swing doors. These units help florists conserve space.

Benefits of Floral Coolers

Flowers are more than just nature’s artwork; they’re delicate embodiments of life’s most profound emotions. As such, their preservation is paramount. But why are specialized floral coolers essential for this task rather than generic refrigerators? 

  • A Prolonged Bloom: Floral coolers extend the life of flowers. With their meticulous design, these coolers ensure blooms remain fresh and vibrant and exude their innate beauty for extended periods.
  • The Perfect Humidity Balance: Flowers thrive in the right moisture conditions. Flower coolers curate an environment where humidity is optimal, preventing the risks of wilting or over-hydration.
  • Consistent Temperatures: For flowers, consistency is more than key; it’s essential. The coolers offer a stable environment, preventing the adverse impacts of temperature fluctuations.
  • Ethylene Gas Management: Emitted by flowers, ethylene gas can accelerate decay. Designed with this in mind, floral coolers effectively disperse this gas, prolonging the freshness of the blooms.
  • Shielding Delicate Beauty: External factors like light, pests, and pollutants can detrimentally affect flowers. Acting as a protective sanctuary, floral coolers guard against these potential threats, ensuring the flowers’ integrity.
  • A Showcase of Beauty: More than storage, with clear glass doors and internal lighting, floral coolers become a stage for the blooms, enhancing store aesthetics and drawing admirers.
  • Eco-Forward Design: Modern floral coolers champion energy conservation. While ensuring optimal conditions for flowers, they are also engineered to be power efficient, striking a balance between performance and eco-responsibility.
  • Organized Floral Display: With customizable shelving, categorizing flowers becomes effortless, streamlining operations and ensuring easy access to every flower type.
  • A Worthy Investment: The return on investment with floral coolers is substantial. With longer-lasting flowers, wastage is reduced, translating to increased profitability.
  • Crafted for Flowers: These aren’t generic refrigerators. Every aspect, from design to function, is tailored with the unique needs of flowers at the forefront.


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Shipping across Canada & US


100% parts and service warranty (2 years) with extended coverage on the compressor (7 years)


Black, White


29 7/8"


54 1/8"


78 5/8"


470 lbs



Electrical (Voltage)

115V, 60Hz, 1ph, NEMA 5-15P