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Ancaster Food Equipment: Your Premier Destination for Refurbished Two-Door Coolers

Boasting over 30 years of unparalleled experience, Ancaster Food Equipment stands as North America’s leading supplier of 2-door commercial coolers, particularly from the renowned brand TRUE® GDM-49. True’s reputation for exceptional performance often comes with a hefty price tag when new. However, Ancaster bridges the gap by offering high-quality refurbished True® products at a mere fraction of the original cost without compromising performance.

We also proudly extend our range to include an assortment of brand-new commercial refrigeration options catering to varied business needs, from grocery stores and convenience outlets to fast-food joints and gas stations. With the GDM line of coolers, businesses are guaranteed durability, affordability, and energy efficiency.

At the heart of Ancaster’s success is our dedicated team of certified technicians who excel in refurbishing top-tier 2-door cooler systems. Regardless of your location, be it Nova Scotia, Yukon, or Florida, we pride ourselves in offering prompt North America-wide shipping. If your desired model is available in our inventory, expect it to be shipped out by the very next day.

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering products; we ensure each cooler undergoes meticulous inspection and testing, with all electrical and mechanical components being replaced, irrespective of their current status. This rigorous process ensures the coolers appear new and operate at peak efficiency.

Partnering with Ancaster Food Equipment is synonymous with peace of mind. Our operations are licensed, bonded, and insured, eliminating potential concerns about liability claims. Furthermore, our offerings come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, underscoring our confidence that our refurbished True® coolers will seamlessly integrate into your business, both in aesthetics and functionality.

Introducing Our Premium Line by Ancaster Food Equipment (AFE): The Next Evolution in Commercial Refrigeration

Having built a reputation in the commercial refrigeration world with top-quality refurbished units from acclaimed brands, we’re delighted to present the next progression under the trusted name of Ancaster Food Equipment. It is an embodiment of our dedication, not a separate entity. Our new line, informed by our vast industry experience and a commitment to surpassing excellence, signals both our enduring passion and a forward-thinking vision for commercial cooling’s future.

With our Ancaster Food Equipment line, we aren’t just introducing new models; we’re pledging unparalleled quality, forefront technology, and a tailored refrigeration experience in tune with modern business demands. Rely on the trusted name of Ancaster Food Equipment to elevate your cooling solutions.


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Dual Door Delight for Commercial Refrigeration: AFE Two Sliding Door Display Refrigerator

Dive into the world of advanced refrigeration with the AFE Two Sliding Door Display Refrigerator. Redefining what commercial refrigeration can achieve, this dual-door wonder not only promises top-tier performance but also serves as a captivating display window for your products. Perfectly blending form and function, the AFE refrigerator invites businesses to experience a new era of cooling elegance and efficiency. Welcome to the dual-door delight that’s set to transform your commercial space.

Welcome to the World of Dual-Door Display Refrigerators

Unlock a new realm of refrigeration with AFE’s state-of-the-art Two Sliding Door Display Refrigerator. Perfect for commercial settings, this innovation combines functionality with an appealing design, ensuring that you not only store your products at the optimum temperature but also showcase them in the most attractive manner.

With AFE’s dual-door display refrigerator, businesses are investing in a cooling solution and an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece that can attract and captivate customers. Its sleek design, combined with advanced refrigeration technology, offers establishments the opportunity to project an image of modernity, professionalism, and commitment to quality. Whether you’re displaying gourmet cheeses, artisanal beverages, or freshly baked goods, the refrigerator ensures they remain fresh while enticingly presented, making every visit to your store or cafe a visual feast for your customers.

What is a Dual-Door Display Refrigerator Used For?

A dual-door display refrigerator is an innovative blend of storage and marketing. At its core, it’s designed to maintain perishable products at optimal temperatures. However, unlike traditional refrigeration units, it also doubles as an attractive display, enabling customers and staff to easily view its contents.

These refrigerators are a staple in a range of commercial venues. From the fresh produce aisles of supermarkets to the dessert counters in cafes and the specialty cheeses section in delis, they offer businesses the opportunity to keep items chilled and, at the same time, prominently displayed.

One of the standout features of a dual-door display refrigerator is its clear sliding doors. This transparency is more than just a design choice; it serves to allure customers. A well-organized refrigerator can effectively showcase products, leading to impulse purchases.

For staff, these refrigerators are a boon. The transparent design means employees can quickly locate and access the items they need without opening multiple doors or shuffling through shelves. This efficiency can speed up service times and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Beyond functionality, dual-door display refrigerators elevate the customer experience. Visually exploring a range of chilled products without opening a door conserves energy and allows shoppers to make informed decisions, leading to increased trust and loyalty towards the establishment.

Top Reasons for Using a Dual-Door Display Fridge for Your Business

In the competitive business world, especially in the food and beverage sector, having the right tools can make all the difference. A dual-door display fridge, like the ones offered by leading brands, can elevate your business by offering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Crystal Visible Display

The clarity of a crystal-visible display ensures your products are showcased in their prime, capturing the attention of potential customers. With vibrant colors and details shining through, it’s like having a 24/7 marketing assistant enticing people to look closer.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Refrigeration

Built to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial environments, these refrigerators prioritize durability. Their robust design and materials mean they can handle heavy usage day in and day out, providing consistent cooling without faltering.

R290 Natural Refrigerant

Prioritizing both performance and the environment, using R290 natural refrigerant reduces your business’s carbon footprint. Not only is it efficient in maintaining ideal temperatures, but it also supports sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

With superior thermal insulation, energy consumption is minimized, and consistent temperatures are maintained. This ensures your products remain fresh while also keeping operational costs down and prolonging the refrigerator’s lifespan.

Pre-installed Casters

Flexibility is key in dynamic commercial spaces. Pre-installed casters provide ease of movement, allowing you to reposition the refrigerator as per your needs or during space redesigns without any hassle.

Digital Temperature Control Panel

Precision is crucial when storing specific products. With a digital temperature control panel, you can set and monitor the exact temperature, ensuring optimal conditions and reducing the risk of spoilage.

Self-Closing Sliding Doors

Efficiency meets convenience with self-closing sliding doors. They not only conserve energy by ensuring the doors aren’t accidentally left open but also enhance the user experience by providing smooth access to the refrigerator’s contents.

Slide into Cool Elegance with AFE’s Double Door Display!

AFE’s dual-door display refrigerator is more than just a storage unit – it’s an experience. Slide open its doors and reveal a world of fresh possibilities. Designed for businesses that want the best, this refrigerator guarantees performance, style, and sustainability.

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Choosing our refurbished 2-door cooler units offers seamless integration into your business setting. The self-contained design of every model ensures that there’s no need for specialist installation or refrigeration experts – it’s as easy as plug and play. Moreover, with the introduction of our brand-new AFE 2-sliding door display refrigerators, businesses now have even more top-tier options to consider.

Should your enterprise be in the market for an energy-efficient two-door cooler, don’t hesitate to connect with Ancaster Food Equipment. Discover more about the impeccable True® two-door cooler system and our latest AFE offerings. Give us a call at 1-855-888-9644 or navigate to our online contact page.


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