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Businesses require proper tools to function properly and keep running smoothly. Whether you own a food service business or retail store, chances are you will need commercial refrigeration. Fortunately, Ancaster Food Equipment offers a wide variety of refurbished commercial fridges to meet your needs. Our company has single-door, double-door, three-door, and countertop commercial refrigeration systems.

When you purchase refurbished commercial fridges from us, enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we will help search for the right equipment that fits your operating environment.

What are Refurbished Commercial Fridges?

Commercial fridges are one of the most important equipment for any business that handles or sells perishable items. Commercial refrigeration systems help ensure food safety and refurbished models help business owners like you achieve this without exceeding the budget.

With Ancaster Food Equipment by your side, you no longer need to pay top dollar to stay in business and keep your food fresh and safe.

Refurbished True® Equipment In Refurbished Commercial Fridges

Popular Features of Our Refurbished Commercial Fridges

Below are some reasons why our refurbished commercial fridges are so popular:

  • Refurbished commercial used refrigerators and coolers are guaranteed to look brand new. Our teams thoroughly clean, repaint, touch up all imperfections and apply fresh vinyl to the sides
    of each unit.
  • Our certified refrigeration technicians replace all major electrical and mechanical components with brand new OEM parts including:
  • Compressor, drier, solenoid valve & coil
  • Controller and temperature probes
  • Thermostat
  • All automatic defrost heaters
  • Virgin refrigerant
  • LED lights
  • Fan motors
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our refurbished commercial refrigerators operate like new.
  • Our refurbished units do not require any technical skill or additional personnel to install. Simply plug
    and play.

Common Refurbished Commercial Fridge Applications

Wondering how you can put our refurbished refrigeration systems into action? Here are some examples for your reference:

  • Our commercial fridges offer ample space to store a wide variety of drinks, mixers, and even bar supplies. Your back bar will
    always be fully stocked!
  • Staff members can easily navigate their stock and keep track of upcoming expiration dates.
  • Refurbished fridges can serve as merchandising units where customers view available products such as beverages through the
    durable glass doors.
  • Keep perishable items in your commercial kitchen cool and fresh.

Benefits of Refurbished Commercial Fridges

Refurbished True® Equipment In Refurbished Commercial Fridges

  • Offer exceptional and heavy-duty foam insulation to maintain low temperatures and keep food and beverages colder.
  • Unmatched durability allows our commercial fridges to accommodate virtually any commercial need. Works perfectly in both small and large commercial spaces.
  • Built-in PVC-bonded shelving units can withstand years of daily wear
    and tear and up to 250 lbs. of weight on each shelf.
  • Ancaster Food Equipment takes rigorous quality-control measures to guarantee our refurbished fridges’ functionality.


Choose Ancaster Food Equipment for Top-Notch Refurbished
Commercial Fridges

If you are looking for commercial fridges that feature increased product lifespan, meet high energy-efficiency standards, and come with minimal maintenance costs, Ancaster Food Equipment’s commercial refrigerator units tick all of the boxes. You will be able to purchase these refurbished fridges at an affordable rate and enjoy peace of mind with our product warranties.

If you have any questions about our refurbished commercial fridges, feel free to call us at (855) 888-9644 or fill up our Contact Form.

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