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For businesses working with food products, employing the use of a high-quality and energy-efficient refrigerator or cooler is essential. Purchasing the right cooler can mean the difference between fresh produce and unnecessary waste. In today’s economy, using energy-efficient products also lowers costs and improves the sustainability of your business.

Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers

As a leading Canadian supplier of refurbished commercial refrigerators, Ancaster Food Equipment strives to provide the best products for our customers. This led us to True® commercial refrigerators and True® commercial coolers. True® products are recognized as a durable, affordable, and reliable choice in the food and hospitality industry. With more than 30-years of experience working with refurbished food equipment, we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of these products.

1 Door Cooler


True® GDM®-23 & True® GDM®-26
Glass Door Merchandisers

One of the country’s largest suppliers of refurbished commercial coolers, Ancaster Food Equipment has been proudly serving Canadian businesses for more than 30 years. We offer the largest selection of coolers made by True®, an industry leader in commercial refrigeration. If you’re looking for a system made of high-quality materials, then a best used true® commercial 1 door coolers may be the solution for you.At Ancaster Food Equipment, we offer reliable True® products at lower prices.

2 Door Cooler


True® GDM®-49 Glass Door Merchandiser

With more than 30 years of experience in providing Canadian businesses with two-door coolers, Ancaster Food Equipment is the country’s largest supplier of largest 2 Door Coolers systems. Because of True’s superior performance, their refrigeration units can cost a pretty penny when purchased new. Fortunately, Ancaster Food Equipment offers the same True® products at a fraction of the price.Our certified technicians are experts at refurbishing largest 2 Door Coolers systems.

3 Door Cooler


True® GDM®-72 Glass Door Merchandiser

Whether you own a restaurant or supermarket, best 3 Door commercial coolers can be a pricey investment. For many business owners, a refurbished model can be a preferred choice, especially if it’s supplied by a reputable retailer, like Ancaster Food Equipment. Our Ontario-based company offers the largest selection of refurbished coolers manufactured by True®.True’s GDM®-72 has a non-chip durable exterior with double pane glass doors and a patented lighting system for brighter views of your merchandise.

Countertop Cooler


GDM®-6-LD, GDM®-10, GDM®-12 Countertop Coolers

The prestigious GDM®-6-LD is one of the most popular countertop coolers on the market today. Whether you’re showcasing wines at your vineyard or displaying water bottles at your corner store, you can take advantage of huge savings when you purchase a refurbished cooler from Ancaster Food Equipment.Designed for convenient access and fast service, True’s swing door used counter top coolers are the best in the business.

What Kind of Commercial Refrigerator Do I Need for My Food Service Business?

Selecting the right True® commercial cooler or refrigerator depends on your business's size, layout, and services. Ancaster Food Equipment offers a variety of True® commercial refrigerator styles so you can customize your fridge and freezer to your space. Some of the features to consider when choosing include:

  • Visibility – Some businesses, like restaurants and bars, may prefer refrigerators and coolers to remain hidden from view. While other businesses, such as convenience stores and grocery stores, prefer to keep products visible and within reaching distance for customers. True® commercial refrigerators offer open air and fully enclosed products.
  • Space Requirements – IIf your business has large storage space for a commercial cooler, you may prefer a full-sized two-door model. If you are working out of a smaller space, an under-counter or underbar cooler may be preferable.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is increasingly important for improving ROI and retaining sustainability for the local economy and the planet.
  • Aesthetics – Sometimes, choosing a TRUE® commercial cooler is about more than functionality. Fortunately, TRUE® products are outfitted with neutral colour to suit any brand.

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