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With more than 30 years of experience in providing Canadian businesses with two-door coolers, Ancaster Food Equipment is the country’s largest supplier of largest 2 Door Cooler systems. Because of True’s superior performance, their refrigeration units can cost a pretty penny when purchased new. Fortunately, Ancaster Food Equipment offers the same True® products at a fraction of the price.

True® GDM®-49 Cooler

Two-door coolers are perfect for grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and fast-food restaurants. If your business is looking for a durable, affordable, and energy-efficient two-door cooler, True’s selection of GDM coolers is the best place to start.


With two clear glass doors, the GDM-49 is a self-contained merchandiser cooler with a variety of benefits. Designed to chill food at temperatures from 33-38°F, the GDM-49 delivers energy efficiency with an added element of visual aesthetics. Neutral tones, including the powder black exterior, give the GDM-49 the ability to blend in with any brand or business. Some key features of this unit include:

  • The storage capacity of 1266 litres
  • Ozone depletion potential of zero
  • Global warming potential rating of three
  • 465.2lb weight
  • 54.1” width
  • 29.9” depth
  • 78.7” height
  • 7.3 amps
  • 115/60/1 voltage

All 2 door coolers are designed to store refrigerated items neatly for easy shopping. As an energy-efficient unit, the GDM-49 provides sustainability and is an economical solution to energy waste.

Refurbished Two-Door Coolers from Ancaster

Our certified technicians are experts at refurbishing the largest 2 Door Cooler systems. Whether you’re located in Nova Scotia or the Yukon, we offer Canada-wide shipping — if your requested model is in stock, we’ll even ship your system the next day. With us, there’s no need to worry about liability claims. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Benefits of working with Ancaster Food Equipment includes:

  • The largest 2 Door coolers are thoroughly inspected and tested before delivered to your business.
  • Internal components are examined and replaced if they’re not up to our rigorous testing standards.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee that your refurbished True® cooler will look and operate like new.

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One of the best parts of purchasing one of our refurbished 2 door cooler units is that no installation or refrigeration specialists are required once you receive your unit. All models are self-contained, which means you can simply plug in and begin using.

If your business is looking for an energy-efficient two-door cooler, contact Ancaster Food Equipment, and learn more about the True® two-door cooler system today. Call 1-855-201-8657 or visit our contact page online.

Features of 2-Door Commercial Cooler
All Ancaster Food’s 2-Door Commercial Cooler are:
  • Exterior – non-peel or chip white laminated vinyl durable and permanent.
  • Interior – attractive, ETL Sanitation Listed approved, white aluminum liner with 300 series stainless steel floor
  • Frame rail fitted with leg levelers
  • Illuminated exterior sign panel. Variety of sign options available
  • Each door fitted with 12″ (305 mm) long extruded handle
  • Self closing doors. Positive seal, torsion type closure system.
  • Evaporator is epoxy coated to eliminate the potential of corrosion
  • Convenient clean-out drain built in cabinet floor.
  • Listed under NSF-7 for the storage and/or display of packaged or bottled product.
Why Ancaster
Food Equipment?

With more than three decades of experience in the refurbishing industry, Ancaster Food Equipment strives to provide revamped freezer products with the look and feel of something brand new. Our team of experienced professionals are well-versed in every refrigeration product, including our True® 3-door freezers.

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Retrofitted LED lights

New compressor

Set of casters

Extended warranty

New controller

New defrost heaters

New solenoid valve & drier filter

North America wide Shipping

50% Less When Compared To New


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