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Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Commercial Refrigeration Technician You Can Trust

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Commercial Refrigeration Technician You Can Trust

Posted by | 01-02-2021

Getting the most advanced commercial refrigerator is only half the job for high-volume food storage in a busy restaurant kitchen or grocery store. While a top-of-the-line commercial refrigerator is one step towards a successful food service operation, your long-term success lies in regular maintenance, which you need to entrust with a certified mechanic.

The right mechanic won’t just keep your commercial refrigerator running in excellent condition, even when used for years. That’s why choosing the right mechanic is just as crucial as buying the best commercial refrigerator in the market.

Why You Need a Commercial Refrigerator Technician

Like any appliance, commercial refrigerators require periodic tune-ups like repairs and parts replacement to ensure food-safe storage temperatures at optimal energy-efficient function.

Commercial refrigerators experience wear and tear throughout years of use, which only a certified technician can restore. A skilled and expertly trained tech can prevent premature failure and a costly upgrade before you have maximized your investment.

Who do you call when your commercial refrigerator breaks down or is long overdue for regular maintenance? Do you have a refrigerator mechanic you can trust on speed dial? Before you pick up the phone, check out this guide to choosing — and making sure you have — the right person for the job:

What to Look for in a Refrigerator Mechanic: Certification, Skills, and Experience to Ask About License and Certification

With the right toolbox and some confidence, anyone can claim to take apart a used commercial refrigerator and replace old or damaged parts, but not everyone can do a guaranteed good job. Hiring the wrong person can cause even more damage, which costs more to repair.

Before booking a repair or maintenance service, ask your technician whether they are correctly licensed and certified to repair commercial refrigerators. Earning the right certification means they trained specifically to repair and maintain commercial appliances and handle the toughest breakdowns.

These hours of training also allow them to qualify for a license and corresponding liability insurance, which provide you with a professional guarantee: in case the repair results in further damage, their professional license will help cover the damages, like full replacement costs, as well as property damage in case of an accident.

Not Just Any Refrigerator Technician

Not all commercial refrigerators are built the same — and not all mechanics are trained and tested the same. While many refrigerator mechanics may have a good grasp of the basics, not all are specifically trained to handle extensive commercial refrigeration equipment repairs.

Compared to their residential counterparts, commercial refrigerators are a lot more advanced, complex, and powerful. You will need a refrigerator mechanic who can guarantee food-safe temperatures and optimal long-term storage for valuable inventory and ingredients.

For guaranteed results and long-lasting function of your refurbished commercial refrigerator, make sure to book repairs and maintenance only with a mechanic who is specifically trained and experienced in handling commercial appliances.

Aside from their credentials, look at what other clients have to say about them — read reviews and testimonials, and consider any information about their years of experience and ability to repair various commercial refrigerators and sizes from different manufacturers.

Years of Experience

When it comes to expertise, the numbers rarely lie. While a new technician or apprentice may charge lower rates, they may not be as experienced to perform complex repairs, especially on older and used commercial refrigerators with years of wear. It’s still best to look at how many years of experience a refrigerator mechanic has often supported by references and reviews from satisfied customers.

Essentially, an experienced mechanic is an insurance policy: a guarantee that your refurbished commercial refrigerator can be restored to brand-new condition and long-term savings in equipment investment. Don’t sacrifice the long-term function of your refrigeration equipment for cheaper rates from a less experienced mechanic.

Long-Term Energy and Equipment Savings

Repairs and maintenance are both an expense and investment — cash that goes out but ultimately serves the long-term health of the equipment you rely on. Used commercial refrigerators, in particular, require periodic repairs and maintenance, which can quickly add up if you don’t stay on top of them. The best way to do so is to ensure you have someone you trust to get the job done.

A professional commercial refrigerator mechanic won’t just perform the necessary repairs and replace damaged or worn out parts to avoid a costly breakdown. They’ll do so in ways that ensure your fridge remains energy-efficient. They’ll also be able to recommend energy-saving solutions to lower your energy bills.

The right mechanic saves you money by lowering your utility costs and ensuring that regular maintenance reaps long-term benefits. Under their care, repairing and maintaining your commercial refrigerator isn’t just another expense that’s difficult to put up with but real investment that guarantees long-term optimal food storage.

24/7 Availability for Emergency Repairs

The best refrigerator mechanic isn’t just certified and experienced in effectively repairing commercial appliances. More importantly, they’re available when you need them. With 24/7 availability and mobile repair units dispatched from accessible locations, they can reach you right away and prevent expensive inventory and ingredients from spoiling and going to waste. Make sure to choose a refrigerator mechanic who is experienced, local, and available 24/7 to respond to any emergency.

To learn more about choosing the right mechanic to repair, maintain, and service your refurbished commercial refrigerator, call the pros at Ancaster Food Equipment at 866-711-5486, or contact us here.

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