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Good hygiene is one of the most basic but essential keys to good health — and for businesses, a necessity to ensure safety and product quality. For these, you need equipment you can trust to meet hygiene and sanitation standards. But where do you go to clean when there’s no washroom or kitchen in sight, much less a working plumbing system?

Don’t let that stop you — because Ancaster Food Equipment won’t. We provide portable hand washing sinks to support your sanitation requirements, especially in remote locations with no plumbing access. Our sturdy, three-basin portable sink is the ultimate sanitation equipment: with three compartments, you can promote frequent hand washing and simultaneous cleaning. Our three-basin model is the most equipped on the market — fully self-contained, with a generous surface area for all of your cleaning needs in both indoor and outdoor locations:

  • Simultaneous hand washing and cleaning using three basins and full access to hot and cold water
  • Fully self-contained and portable to various locations with no washroom or kitchen, like farmers’ markets and outdoor events, and even indoors in stores, offices, and classrooms with limited sink access
  • Supply water for 70 to 100 hand washes with each tank refill
  • Perform well even in the toughest environments, thanks to a highly durable stainless steel body.

Three-basin Portable Sink Features

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we combine the best of proper hygiene with efficient use. Now with three basins for hand washing and cleaning, this portable sink yet can support all of your sanitation needs simultaneously. Wash hands and clean equipment at the same time, with full access to a stable water supply and heaters, soap and paper towel, and an electrical plug for instant setup and use.

The three-basin configuration is designed for the busiest of environments with many cleaning requirements. This portable sink allows you to practice good hygiene and effective sanitation in most indoor or outdoor locations while withstanding tough terrains and conditions thanks to its stainless steel body. Investing in a three-basin portable sink rewards you with these unbeatable features:

Three basin
Three Basin Portable Sink
Three Basin Sink
Three Basin Portable Sink For Sale
  • High-capacity water tanks: The largest in the market, these hold up to 16 60 litres (2 cubic feet) of freshwater for cleaning and 80 litres (3 cubic feet) of wastewater for disposal or recycling
  • Easy refilling: The gravity water dish is conveniently located on the side of the unit for quick refills
  • Seamless drainage: With drainage valves located under the portable sink unit, no heavy lifting is required for drainage
  • Durable function: Our portable sinks are constructed using 18 gauge commercial grade 304 stainless steel for stable function in rugged conditions
  • Full assembly: The three-basin portable sink comes fully assembled and self-contained, with a built-in soap dispenser, towel bar, and ¾” direct water connection hose. Simply add water and plug in to start
  • Security: Avoid losses and damage, thanks to the locking door and heavy-duty casters that secure the sink to your location
  • Sanitation certification: Ancaster’s three-basin portable sink is the only fully certified model in its class on the market, and is ETL certified to UL and CSA standards as well as ETL Sanitation listed to NSF standards

Ancaster’s three-basin portable sink is your ultimate partner in good hygiene and proper sanitation. With three compartments, you have all the space you need to practice good hand hygiene and sanitize equipment regularly to ensure safe food and material handling in any location. Designed as a fully self-contained unit, you can simply roll the three-basin portable sink to any farmers’ market, store, outdoor event, campground, construction site, office, clinic, and more. With a fully assembled portable sink, there’s no excuse to fall behind on good hygiene.

Why Choose Ancaster?

At Ancaster Food Equipment, we use our expertise in food handling to deliver solutions that help you maintain safety and product quality. Our mission is guaranteed freshness and quality control — and we achieve this through commercial kitchen solutions.

To support our food storage solutions, we have also developed food and equipment handling tools like portable sinks. Together, these ensure utmost food safety and customer satisfaction in most locations. With clean hands, ingredients, and equipment, you can guarantee the success of any venture.

Our selection of portable sinks can help you maintain hygiene and sanitation without being hindered by unreliable plumbing access, and our commercial kitchen equipment is not only high-quality and energy-efficient — it’s also budget-friendly. Trust Ancaster to provide full service from quote to ongoing product support so that you can maintain good hygiene.


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Portable handwashing sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out.

Constructed from professional-grade stainless steel to be durable and easy to clean.

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