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Like any piece of equipment, commercial coolers and freezers may malfunction or sometimes stop working completely. This could be the result of a faulty thermostat, a refrigerant leak, or even a failing compressor. That’s why purchasing a commercial refrigerator or freezer from a trusted source with a solid warranty is so important. Consider Ancaster Food Equipment with over 30 years in the industry and a workforce of technicians with over 100 years combined experience. Our technicians can quickly diagnose your problem and get your cooler or freezer running again in no time.

The most respected and well-known manufacturer of commercial refrigeration around the world is True Manufacturing Co. They have been manufacturing commercialcoolers and freezers for over seven decades and have earned the trust of restaurants and store-owners everywhere. Unfortunately, a brand-new True costs thousands of dollars and may be over budget for many customers. That’s why Ancaster Food Equipment’s fully rebuilt True freezers and coolers are a great alternative with a full warranty, brand new OEM parts and complete cosmetic makeover. Oh and the best part… it looks new at half the cost of brand new!

According to both Health Canada and the FDA, commercial refrigeration units must be kept at or below 4 oC (40 oF) to maintain freshness and avoid bacteria growth. Oftentimes, commercial units will have about a 6 oF temperature range that it maintains, with the average always staying within the food safety zone. During defrost cycles, the cabinet temperature may briefly spike to prevent ice buildup at the evaporator. This is a normal function and temperatures will quickly fall back into safety range within minutes.

Used products are those that come directly from its last user and in most cases are sold as is.It usually does not come with any warranty or any kind of assurance on the product and any potential issues are to be dealt with by the new buyer. On the other hand, Refurbished Products are those that lie between New and Used but the quality of refurbishment depends on where you purchase it from. Refurbished products could simply include a cosmetic makeover and basic testing or it could be a more in-depth process where all major parts are replaced. The best part is the warranty and assurance that comes with Refurbished Units.

Used units are mostly sold by an individual to another through an intermediary site like Kijiji, Craigslist, OfferUp, eBay, etc. Used units may come with light scratches or heavy damages and the seller likely does not provide any specifications or a return policy, since it is done privately. It totally depends on the buyer upon purchase, the risk factor is always there in buying used units. We recommend buying refurbished products rather than used units. Advantages of buying Refurbished include extended warranty, significant savings vs buying new, service and maintenance.

Maintenance required for commercial coolers and freezers generally depends on the style and manufacturer. Ancaster Food Equipment offers refurbished refrigeration made by True Manufacturing Co, a leader in the field for over 70 years and whose units require minimal ongoing maintenance. As with any commercial cooler or freezer, the condenser coils should be cleaned regularly to maintain the efficiency and increase the lifespan of your unit. Other than that, the coolers and freezers are fully self-contained with automatic defrost cycles and do not require any further maintenance. Contact Ancaster Food Equipment for more information on self-contained commercial coolers and freezers!

According to many restaurant and food stores there are different coolers and freezers units for different food storage. The commercial coolers help to preserve fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cheese etc., that are normally used in daily purpose. Commercial freezers are mostly used for frozen food like pizza, vegetables, meat, etc. Novelty freezers are perfect for storing ice cream, and other frozen goods that lead to last-minute impulse purchases. To get more information on freezers and coolers that meet your needs, call Ancaster Food Equipment today!

Commercial refrigerators help to keep food and drinks stored at the appropriate temperature to extend product lifespans. There are many possible reasons for temperatures in your refrigeration system to drop below normal levels and potentially freezer your product. The main reason generally has to do with the thermostat, controller or temperature probes failing which will keep the compressor running and cooling your unit unnecessarily. The first step in resolving this issue would be to double check the temperature settings to make sure it wasn’t unintentionally adjusted. If the settings look correct, you will require a certified refrigeration technician to service your unit.

Cleaning your commercial cooler or freezer’s condenser coils will increase the efficiency and the lifespan of your unit. To begin, locate the condenser coil and vacuum the coils using the brush attachment. Carefully vacuum out the dust, dirt, or lint that you see on the coils. Next, vacuum the fan if it is visible and you can reach it. By doing this, you are allowing the air to move more freely across the coils, and this will improve the health of your refrigerator unit. Brush away the stubborn dirt and dust from the coils and fans. Start to gently brush away any excess dirt and dust that you might have missed when you were vacuuming.

The cost of a commercial refrigerator varies based on the size/capacity of the unit and the manufacturer. The world’s most trusted commercial refrigerator manufacturer is TRUE and can cost upwards of $8000 for a self-contained 3 door cooler. Other brands can be found with pricing closer to $4000-6000 but you truly do get what you pay for. The price of a new True unit can be overwhelming but the warranty, technology, low maintenance, much longer lifespan and lower electric bills will make up to the cost of the unit. Even better, consider a refurbished True cooler or freezer from Ancaster Food Equipment. Every major mechanical and electrical component is replaced with brand new OEM parts and each unit comes with like-new warranty – 5 years on the compressor and 2 years parts and service!

According to the latest report from an international survey on commercial refrigerator and maintenance, the average lifespan of commercial refrigerators is 10 years. If the unit is well maintained, it can run up to 15 to 20 years depends on the brand. The highest quality brand in refrigeration is undoubtedly True Manufacturing as they’ve been in business for over 70 years and all units are built in North America. For a more affordable option, Ancaster Food Equipment sells refurbished True freezers and coolers with like-new warranty at half the cost of new.

The main difference between the commercial freezers and regular freezers is the size of the units and the amount of food storage capability. In terms of cooling ability, commercial freezers are more powerful than residential ones. Accuracy and precision of the commercial freezer thermostats offer greater control and clear temperature display. Contact Ancaster Food Equipment for great deals on refurbished True coolers and freezers!

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