Cold Storage Kit

Winterization Kit

In order to keep a portable sink in working condition, it must be stored correctly when not in use. This should be done at the end of summer, or early autumn in preparation for the cold winter months. Storing the unit in cold temperatures without proper care will cause any water in the lines, water heater and/or pump to freeze. This will cause damage throughout the unit and will void any applicable warranty. To prevent this from happening, users will need to purchase a Cold Storage kit sold through Ancaster Food Equipment.

Note: Users will also need to purchase an air compressor which can be found at a local hardware store to fully prepare their portable sink for cold temps. For more details on how to complete the cold storage process, follow our instructions here.

Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal

Each portable sink has the option to operate with a foot pedal to offer the user to a touchless experience. To avoid handling the faucet and the risk of spreading germs, simply control water flow using just your foot! This foot pedal should be ordered through Ancaster Food Equipment and does not come standard with the purchase of a portable sink. Warning: Do not use on unsteady ground.

Foot pedal is 4" in length, 2.5" in width and reinforced with rubber grip to prevent risk of slipping due to water spillage. Attached ten (10) ft power cord includes 15 amp male to 20 amp female 3 prong piggyback plug outlet. Conforms to UL & CSA certifications.

Note: This option is not for use when the sink is connected directly to a garden hose line.

Water Drainage Pump

Water Drainage Pump

Sold separately through Ancaster Food Equipment is a water drainage pump to meet all of your elevated drain needs. It works by sucking the water flowing from the wastewater drainage valve, and pumping it through a clear pvc tube. The tube can be placed wherever the user needs the water to drain, ie. a bucket, tub or basin that is elevated off of the ground. This water drainage pump comes standard with 15ft of clear pvc tubing.

Note: Additional footage of pvc tubing can be purchase. Please let your sales representative know when purchasing the water pump how many feet you require.

Portable handwashing sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out.

Constructed from professional-grade stainless steel to be durable and easy to clean.

Fast shipping. Fully assembled and ready to use!

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