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The self-contained portable sink can operate with an optional foot pedal to control pump operation. You can leave the taps open to avoid touching the faucet handles, and control water flow using the pedal. Not for use when connected directly to a garden hose line.

Step 1
Follow steps 1 through 9 of provided Start-Up Instructions.
Step 2
Unplug the sink.
Step 3
Place the foot pedal on the ground near the sink, feeding the attached power cord into the cabinet through the hole in the bottom of the sink.
Step 4
Unplug the pump’s power cord from the GFCI receptacle inside the sink cabinet, and plug it into the foot pedal outlet.
Step 5
Plug the foot pedal into the GFCI receptacle. This is where the pump was originally plugged into.
Step 6
Plug the sink back in.
Step 7
Turn taps on and to desired temperature, depressing the pedal by foot to operate water flow.

Portable handwashing sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out.

Constructed from professional-grade stainless steel to be durable and easy to clean.

Fast shipping. Fully assembled and ready to use!