Ancaster Advantage - Choose Refurbished

Ancaster Advantage - Choose Refurbished

Refurbished Freezers and Coolers
With a combined workforce experience of over 100 years in refurbishing True® glass door freezers and coolers, we can offer our sincerest guarantee that each of our customers receives an Ancaster Food Equipment refurbished True® product that not only looks like they purchased it brand-new but runs like it for a fraction of the cost of actually doing so. Still on the fence about purchasing a refurbished unit? We’re sure that Ancaster Food Equipment can ease your mind. We do this, by offering the exact same warranty that our customers would receive if they were to purchase a new cooler or freezer elsewhere. Each of our refurbished units comes with a standard 5-year warranty on the new compressor, as well as a 2-year warranty on all the parts and service we so staunchly stand by. Ultimately, what Ancaster Food Equipment offers our customers is a high-quality product, fully refurbished to ensure it is in perfect working order, upgraded to their specifications and warrantied to match the original equipment manufacturer (OEM.) Similar to the way in which a brand-new car depreciates in value after leaving the dealership, choosing to purchase brand-new coolers and freezers for double the price of your hard-earned money just seems silly when Ancaster Food Equipment is happy to offer you a comparable unit at the best price!

Choose Refurbished

Let’s say you’re a customer that owns a wildly popular smoothie shop. When spending several thousands of dollars on something as important as a freezer that holds all of your precious frozen fruit - essentially the heart of your business, - you want to make sure that it can do everything you need it to! A refurbished unit in this case will allow you to customize your unit, while saving you money and the planet.


At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand that product customization is the key to serving such a diverse customer base successfully. As our return clients work in industries as varied as butcher shops to hair salons, the result is a plethora of unique requirements that need to be met. And while customizing a brand-new unit you’ve purchased after you’ve brought it home can cost you an arm and a leg, that is certainly not the case with Ancaster Food Equipment’s refurbished True® coolers and freezers.

As our refurbishment process requires us to strip the original unit down to just it’s cabinet, it also allows our customers to choose how they want their units to look from the ground up - while making little to no impact on the time it takes our technicians to refurbish it or the cost for you to buy it. Instead of offering a generally suitable product for the vast majority, our sales representatives offer a personalized customer experience to identify, fulfill and exceed each of their needs.
Shelving: While two different customers might purchase the same cooler, not everyone needs the same number of shelves! Breweries for example, may need more shelves to display their craft beer as each can is not very tall, while a bakery that creates wedding cakes will require less shelves. At Ancaster Food Equipment, we make it easy by allowing our customers to choose the number of shelves they need! Sizes include: 24” x 20.75”, 24.5” x 22.5”, 24” x 22” and 24.5” x 20.75”.
Floral Coolers
Temperature Control: Floral coolers are just one example of units that require a very specific temperature in order to maintain success of their contents. A large majority of both flowers and plants require storage in and around 33-35 degrees Fahrenheit to retain freshness. By obtaining one of our refurbished True® coolers and freezers, our customers are able to decide the temperature their unit maintains and to see their flowers bloom into beautiful arrangements.
Custom Painted Coolers
Paint Colours: While the default colour of our coolers and freezers is the typical black seen in most convenience stores, our customers also have the option of standing out amongst the crowd with a white refurbished True® cooler or freezer. While the white option does cost more than the black standard, it will ensure your contents get noticed! Take a look at our gallery to see how crisp our white cooler looks in a farmer’s market setting! (Doors, grill and sign box are painted, sides are vinyled.)
Custom Painted Coolers
Graphics: Have you ever walked into a pet supply store and been blown away by how cute and cuddly all of their marketing looks? At Ancaster Food Equipment, we understand the importance of brand identity. Making sure your customers know the difference between dog and cat food is as simple as ordering custom signage for your refurbished True® cooler or freezer. Simply supply your own graphic design to us, and we’ll have it printed on an acrylic panel that fits whichever unit you purchase. Watch your business grow by improving product visibility and taking advantage of impulse purchases.
Gravity Feed Organizers
Gravity Feed Organizers: One of the keys to a successful business is organization! Easy to install, our bottle and can holders snap on to the wire shelves provided with all of our refurbished True® coolers and freezers. With double front bars and high side walls, not only do the feeders prevent bottles from tipping but the back bar prevents bottles from leaning against the back wall of your cooler. Fit 7 – 8 bottles or cans depending on the size!
Coolers with  LED Illumination
LED Lights: All of the refurbished units at Ancaster Food Equipment come standard with LED lights! These allow your product to shine brighter and dazzle customers with LED illumination all while you enjoy the benefits of lower energy consumption at the same time. Our customers also have the option of matching their existing unit lighting by requesting built-in LED lights should they desire a bluish hue instead!
Casters: Arguably one of the most important aspects of operating a successful restaurant is cleanliness. So, when purchasing a cooler or freezer, why make it harder on yourself? Many units on the market simply sit directly on the ground. At Ancaster Food Equipment however, our customers have the option to request casters that allow the unit to be moved around easily for smooth configuration and easy cleaning. Upgrade your purchase once and save yourself a lifetime of back ache!


A small business ourselves, we know the challenges that can arise when a company is still in its infancy. When building a brand from the ground up, every decision and investment feels crucial, and that is often because it is! At first glance, refrigeration equipment in particular can be very pricey, and in the first few years of business ownership, one can’t always count on a strong return. This combination of course can add stress to what should be a very exciting time. This is when a purchase from Ancaster Food Equipment will take a load off of your mind.

Any opportunity to save money is tempting, but at what cost? Because our refurbished True® freezers and coolers cost up to 50% less than the price of purchasing new, we help our customers worry less about the price of business expenses, and instead allow them to focus more on their customers! Every hospitality business journey is unique, and the industry is sometimes uncertain but supporting you through your restaurant setup, our dedicated sales representatives are invested in your success. Refurbished units not only mean cheaper upfront costs but also confidence in knowing that the model has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and perfected. To read more information on each of our finance solutions and decide which of these gives you the most flexibility to adapt your equipment to the changing needs of your business, make sure you check out our Lease, Loan, Rent & Finance page.


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