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No space to drain the sink’s wastewater tank? No worries! Ancaster Food Equipment’s Water Drainage Pump sucks all the water flowing from the wastewater drainage valve and pumps it through a clear PVC tube allowing users to drain the water wherever is most accessible to them. The water drainage pump is sold separately and is available through Ancaster Food Equipment. This is especially useful if the desired drain location is elevated above ground level.

Step 1
Hook the end of the wired PVC pipe from the pump to the wastewater valve.
Step 2
Place the clear PVC tube in the desired spot to drain before you plug in the pump.
Step 3
After adhering the suction cup to the sink or drainage area, it should hold the clear PVC pipe securely in place.
Step 4
Open wastewater valve.
Step 5
Plug pump in and observe first-hand the water flow through the clear PVC pipe into the desired location.

Ensure pump is unplugged when the wastewater container is empty so the pump does not run dry. Running the water pump dry will result in damaging the water pump and will void any warranty.


When the faucets are turned off, the water pump will automatically shut off and turn back on when reopened, unless there are air bubbles in the water line. To correct this, simply run more water until the air bubbles are no longer visible, double-checking that there are no kinks in the water lines.

When the freshwater tank is empty, the water pump will draw air bubbles into the system, and the freshwater tank must be refilled. To do this, disconnect the wastewater pump’s power cord from the GFCI electrical outlet located inside the unit. Only then should the user refill the freshwater tank.

Do not let the water pump run without water in the freshwater tank. Running the water pump dry will result in damaging the water pump and will void any warranty.

When refilling the freshwater tank, it is recommended that the wastewater tank is emptied at the same time. The wastewater drainage valve is located just under the unit on the left side. Dispose of the waste water in a sanitary drain.

NO POWER?? Use the reset button located on the GFCI electrical outlet located in the cabinet. It is important that the receptacle is tested monthly.

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