How To Unpack Your Portable Sink

Step 1
Cut all straps located at both front and back of package.
Step 2
Cut front panel of box along left and right edges with utility knife. Caution should be used when cutting.
Step 3
Open top 4 panels of box.­
Step 4
Fold front panel down to bottom of the box without tearing any pieces off. You will need to use the front panel in step 6.­
Step 5
Unlock the 2 visible castors located at the bottom of the sink by flipping the lock up on the caster.
Step 6
Roll your sink out of the box using front panel as a ramp.­

Do not attempt to lift the unit off skid or use a forklift. Doing this may cause damage to valves underneath unit. If sink has been unpacked during winter, it must climatize to room temperature for 24 hours before usage. When the portable sink is not being used, it must be stored at room temperature. Storing the unit in cold temperatures without using a Cold Storage Kit will cause any water to freeze in the lines, water heater and pump. This will cause damage and will void all applicable warranty. See Cold Storage Instructions for more details.

Portable handwashing sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out.

Constructed from professional-grade stainless steel to be durable and easy to clean.

Fast shipping. Fully assembled and ready to use!


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